Amber Heard’s New PR Guy David Shane Needs His Own PR Guy He Just Got #MeToo’ed

David Shane is Shane Communications’ CEO. Amber Heard hired Shane Communications as a new PR company in response to the negative press she received after Johnny Depp’s team presented evidence at her defamation case proving that she had stiffed sick children and the ACLU.

Shane has his own problems right now. An online post accuses Shane of sexual misconduct. One could even say that Shane has been #MeToo’ed. This post contains a screenshot of what appears to be a post from a Facebook group in which the CEO is accused of being a sex predator.

The anonymous poster said that he met the man through Raya, a dating app. He took me on two dates, then tried to make complete use of me in his West Hollywood condo. When I refused to do most of the things he requested, he kicked me out. His name is David Shane. “He seems to be someone who does these to a lot of women on the app,” the accuser claimed.

Another screenshot was attached to the post, showing what appears to be a text conversation between David and the accuser in which “David” offers money for sex. The text said, “Let’s have fun and I’ll Venmo to you.”

Raya, a dating app that targets celebrities and wealthy people, claims it is an exclusive app. It is reported that it is hard to use and that many people are rejected. It has been reported that the app kicked members for violating celebrity clients’ privacy. Raya was contacted by PJ Media to determine if David Shane had an account. Raya also asked if anyone had filed a complaint against Shane. At the time of publication, we did not receive a response from them. We will update this article if more information becomes available.

This is a perfect example of the problem with #MeToo. I have written a book on women who lie to hurt men. Get it.

It’s impossible to verify if random claims are true and the timing is too “on-the-nose.” Shane’s reputation shouldn’t be destroyed by one text message and an anonymous story. Both of these could be faked. It’s funny, but not comical, that Shane is rep Heard, a well-known liar who used Shane’s story of domestic violence to boost her career and destroy her ex-husband.

I think of the phrase “hoisted upon his own petard”. Shane’s website has stopped working, and his contact information and menu items have vanished. His social media accounts appear inactive as well.

You should know that I am a strong defender of due processes, and Shane is just as innocent as all those caught up in #MeToo panic — even Johnny Depp. One-sided accusations or internet rumors should never be taken as true. It’s funny, though, that Heard’s crisis manager was the victim.

We tried to reach Shane in an effort to get his permission to refute the accusation. He did not respond to our request at the time of publication.

You can see me reading it to you on YouTube if you want to have a good laugh at these events.