The Feds Won’t Take Their Jackboot Off Ret. General Michael Flynn’s Neck

Michael Flynn was cleared, pardoned, and released. But, the federal government will not let the former general and short-lived Trump national security adviser take their jackboot off his neck.

Just the News discovered a document that shows Flynn could have regained his reputation much earlier if Robert Mueller had published an affidavit confirming the story of Flynn’s 2015 Moscow dinner speech to Russia Today (RT News).

Flynn was seated next to Vladimir Putin, the Russian leader, at the event. Political detractors used the dinner as “evidence” to justify their investigation into Flynn.

Crossfire Razor was the FBI’s Flynn probe. It led to a larger investigation, which the agency called Crossfire Hurricane. The Clinton campaign’s poisoning of the D.C. swamp prompted it. It provided false stories to the media and law enforcement, claiming that Donald Trump was a Kremlin agent.

Flynn was tarnished by Clinton and her media monkeys and the Deep State. They accused Flynn of lying to Vice President Mike Pence regarding sanctions discussions with the Russians. It was clear that Clinton’s political campaign to defeat Trump and win the White House had exposed the dysfunctional nature of the agencies involved. Americans had witnessed the termite-eaten walls of the FBI, Department of Justice, and CIA and were also shocked at the media’s ineptness. The media had been given fake news items and transcribed them and received awards for their “coverage.”

Just the News reports now that an affidavit clarifies what the Defense Intelligence Agency, which Flynn helmed prior to working for Trump, knew regarding the RT dinner.

Flynn, in fact, was actually spying for the U.S intelligence agency at the time he attended the dinner.

This document was sworn in by David Becker, a senior DIA official, for Robert Mueller’s investigators. It shows Robert Mueller’s actions in a very different light.

This shows that Flynn was interested in the DIA before he traveled to Moscow. He explained the nature of the meeting to them. He was also briefed by no less than ten DIA Russia experts about the information they wanted to receive. Flynn attended a defensive meeting where he was given a briefing by no less than ten DIA Russia experts on what intelligence threats could be directed against him. He also brought back a thumb drive of information he had retrieved and met with the DIA to get debriefed.

Just the News reported that Vincent Stewart, the Marine General who succeeded Flynn, was present at the blessing of the trip. Before he left for Moscow in December 2015, the former Trump administration national security advisor was given tasking orders as well as a briefing on counterintelligence.

Joe Biden’s Pentagon is now suing Flynn to repay the $40,000 honorarium he received for his speech. They claim it violates the Constitutional Emoluments Clause.

Does this sound familiar?

They claim that he should have been registered under the Foreign Agents Registration Act. Andy McCarthy, a former prosecutor, said that FARA prosecutions are rare. If it appears that the target person acted as an agent for a foreign country, then the feds will usually allow them to correct their FARA registration.

Flynn did all the legwork to get to the dinner. It doesn’t sound like he is a “foreign agent.”

This is normal for Democrats who are in charge of the institutions. They use them as a razor-sharp scythe to attack their political opponents.