Albany Police Officer Ambushed and Shot During Traffic Stop; Suspect Killed

Authorities said that an Albany, New York police officer was shot by a driver early on Wednesday morning after trying to pull him over. He then returned fire and killed the driver.

Hawkins, the police chief, said that the officer saw a vehicle speeding just before 12:30 a.m. The pursuit was short, but the driver refused to stop. The officer spotted the vehicle along the road a short time later.

According to the footage taken by his body-worn video camera, the officer approached and approached the car. The driver of the vehicle “immediately”, when he was only 5 feet away from the officer, began firing at him, hitting his upper thigh.

Hawkins stated that the officer returned fire immediately, hitting the suspect.

Both the officer as well as the suspect were taken to Albany Medical Center Hospital. The suspect was declared dead at 1:13 am. After undergoing surgery, the officer was reported to be alert and conscious.

He said, “We experienced one of an officer’s worst nightmares – being ambushed while performing routine duties.”

Hawkins stated that he viewed the footage from the officer’s camera. He said, “There is no other way to call this than an ambush.” This officer was doing what he should have been doing.

Albany police released footage showing an officer approaching a car with the driver’s side door open. A man emerged from behind the vehicle, with his arm raised, pointing at the officer. The officer makes two loud bangs and then runs away. He makes a lot of noises, before finally saying, “Shots were fired.”

Albany Mayor Kathy Sheehan stated at the press conference that there were indications the man had “a troubled past, but not necessarily criminal history.”

She expressed her gratitude for being able to talk to the officer.

She said, “This is not what he was expecting to happen during his shift today.”

The identities of the suspect and the officer have not been revealed.