Gallagher’s Shocking Resignation: Swatting Incident Leads to GOP’s Razor-Thin Majority in House

Mike Gallagher was a Republican Congressman in Wisconsin who originally planned to leave Congress on Friday. Rep. Gallagher could remain until Saturday to vote on important legislation. Gallagher said that he was forced to leave early because of death threats and swatting.

He said to NBC affiliate WLUK Tuesday:

I just want to be at home with my family. They didn’t accept the death threats or late-night swatting. The job is difficult for a family that has a child.

Gallagher, a 40-year-old Marine veteran who served two tours in Iraq, is currently a member of the Wisconsin State Senate.

After talking to my family, I have decided to resign as a member of the Wisconsin House of Representatives’ Eighth Congressional District. This will go into effect on April 19th, 2024.

This timeline was developed in close collaboration with the House Republican Leadership. I am looking forward to Speaker Johnson’s appointment of a new chair to carry out the Select Committee’s mission.

My office will continue to provide constituent services for the rest of the term in the Eighth District.

Four terms in Congress have been a great honor. It has been an honor to serve Northeast Wisconsin in Congress for four terms. The Cyberspace Solarium Commission and the Select Committee on the Chinese Communist Party were also my responsibilities.

According to reports, Gallagher was the victim of a “swatting” attack last year. The term is used to describe false police reports that prompt armed responses to the target’s location, which is usually their home.

The FBI, Capitol Police, and U.S. Secret Service all have a role in the investigation. A Milwaukee FBI spokesperson told WLUK that the Capitol Police is leading the investigation.

Capitol Police sent the following statement to WLUK in a press release:

We are working closely with federal and local partners to provide support to a Congressman who has been the victim of a “swatting incident”. At this time, we cannot disclose more information to protect ongoing investigations or to minimize the risk of copycats.

House Majority leader Tom Emmer (R – MN) reported that in January, police were dispatched to their homes as an apparent joke. A letter from William McFarland to congressional spouses was obtained by Axios. McFarland said there has been an increase in incidents of swatting that target members’ homes. He offered advice on how to better prepare for and handle these scenarios.

Gallagher is one of three Republican House Committee Chairs to have resigned this year. The House Republicans now hold a majority of one seat.