Barr Blasts ‘Political’ Trump Hush Money Case, Warns of ‘Real Threat’ from Progressive Left

Bill Barr, former Attorney General of the United States, slammed New York’s prosecutors in the Trump hush-money case for its “obviously partisan” nature. He called it “abomination”, as the jury selection process continues.

Barr, who headed the Department of Justice for former President Donald Trump argued that the case shows what he believes is the real threat to the democracy — “the excesses of the progressive left.”

Barr stated that “this case is an abhorrence” during Wednesday’s “America’s Newsroom”. “It is political.” It took seven years for him to pay hush money to make this case. As you said, it is not only fanciful… They’re trying to base it on a federal offense that was never prosecuted.

“And they are wrong about it. This was not a contribution to a political campaign. He continued, “They’re wrong about the law.” “But this proves to me that the real danger to liberty and our system is the excesses on the left. They are perverting the justice system. That’s the danger. “The left has corrupted and subverted our institutions.”

On Thursday, the jury selection for the criminal trial of former President George W. Bush will resume. Seven New Yorkers are currently serving on the jury in this historic case.

Trump, while speaking to supporters outside an Upper Manhattan bodega Tuesday, blasted his trial and the charges against him. He said it was “rigged”, “all politics” and “coming from the [Biden] White House.”

Trump said, “It forces me to campaign locally and that’s fine.” “We are doing better than ever, so I believe it’s having an opposite effect.”

“We are going to come — first, you must stop the crime. We’re going to let the police do what they do. They must regain their authority. “They have to be in a position to perform their duties,” Trump said. “And we are going to New York.” We’re going to make a big push for New York and other cities. “But this city, I love it.”

Former President Obama has been charged with 34 counts of falsifying records in the first-degree relating to allegations that hush money was paid to Stormy Daniels by him during his 2016 presidential campaign.

Trump was ordered to be present in the courtroom every day during the trial. Judge Juan Merchan warned Trump that, if he failed to appear in court, a warrant would be issued for Trump’s arrest. Alvin Bragg, Manhattan’s District Attorney, also threatened to hold Trump in contempt for alleged violations of a gag order. He even threatened jail time.

The former attorney general, despite the tense relationship between Barr and Trump, said that he would vote for the Republican candidate in November.

“I think I must choose the candidate who will do the least damage to the country. And in my opinion, that person is the Republican ticket.” Barr stated that he would vote for the Republican ticket.

“I said that Trump was playing Russian Roulette, but I thought the continuation of the Biden Administration would be national suicide.”