Alabama Police Officer Tases Handcuffed Man During Arrest: Sparking Outrage and Calls for Investigation

In Reform, Alabama, Sheriff’s Deputy Dana Elmore was involved in a deeply disturbing incident with a young boy named Micah Washington. Washington was trying to fix his flat tire when he encountered the officer.

A video clip that has been widely shared on social media shows Elmore escorting a handcuffed Washington into her car. She can be seen using the Taser after laying Washington over the hood. He was handcuffed and not resisting arrest.

The Alabama State Bureau of Investigation is investigating the circumstances of the arrest of an Alabama man on Saturday. A Reform Police Officer has been placed on administrative leave.

In the video, the officer appears to be removing a gun from a man’s waistband. She then shoots the Taser and asks him if he would like it again.

The video doesn’t show the circumstances that led to the arrest of this driver.

ABC 3340 News spoke to family members who identified the man in this video as Micah Washington, 24 years old. The video was taken by his younger sibling.

Washington was booked into the Pickens County Jail on a bond of $500,000 Washington is charged with obstruction of government operations, resisting an arrest, marijuana possession, and drug trafficking.

Elmore threatens Washington with a second tasting and tells him to “shut up the f*ck”.

This incident has caused outrage among residents who feel that Elmore violated Washington’s rights. The community rallied at the municipal building in support of Washington. Jalexis, Washington’s partner, was present at the incident and described her distress during the altercation. “She tased her in the back while she held it,” Rice stated that she held it until he began to cry.

On Monday, a group of people from the Reform Municipal Building gathered for a rally. Signs were displayed and they spoke of the horror that Washington and those who have been there or know Washington well, felt.

Jalexis, Micah Rice’s girlfriend was in the vehicle and saw the incident. She was still shocked – “When I saw it, I couldn’t help but cry.”

Elmore has been placed on administrative leave by the Reform Police Department due to this incident. The mayor Melody Davis, and police chief Richard Black have stated that the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation will be reviewing all the materials related to this arrest.

After the video went viral, users started a petition on calling for Elmore to be fired. The petition has already received more than 500 signatures.

The Reform incident not only raises concerns over Elmore’s conduct but also highlights broader questions about police behavior and the need for accountability within law enforcement. As the investigation has not been completed, the fate of the officer is unknown.