Climate Reporter’s Dubai Defense Turns into a Desert of Dirty Secrets

You can say what you want about climate cultists, but these tie-dye-hards seem to be firmly entrenched in their beliefs. At this point, I don’t believe that many of these people believe what they say, but their job security and desire for power are too great to give up.

When blatantly stupid displays that disprove claims are made, boilerplate talking points and defenses will be spewed out with a blithe disregard. They expect us to swallow their nonsense (PETA damned) and continue with their push. What is the truth? They are increasingly ignored and losing control of their beloved topic.

It all stems from an Axios reporter on climate change, Andrew Freedman. He tries to defend those who have a noble goal of saving the world from us but are being criticized for it. Freedman’s attempt to protect the experts of the upper strata from the complaints of the masses and his neutralized tactic are both amusing. He exposes himself and his flawed goals by being dismissive and condescending.

The United Nations Climate Change Conference 2023 is at issue. It’s one of the regular conferences where renowned thinkers gather and spout their Chicken Little platitudes, blaming the rest of us. It is forbidden to point out that these climate conferences have been held for many years, without any noticeable progress being made on the climate issue. As the climate crisis worsens, more conferences are needed to “solve” it.

These gatherings are always held in a posh location with an airport. It is always fun to watch the runways crowded with private jets as power brokers and eggheads try to demonize the use of fossil fuels. The fact that this year’s conference is being held in Dubai makes the crowding of private jets even more ridiculous. Tell me more. I am the devil for not owning a Prius. We are looking over the G6-choked asphalt in a wealthy oil-rich nation.

Andrew Freedman is bothered by this display of gross ignorance. Andrew Freedman is on hand to defend the honor of Kamala and John Kerry as they descend the stairs of their luxury planes that they flew independently into the area.

We should give Mr. Freedman some due credit. In just two sentences, he manages to condense several ridiculous ideas. He begins with a dismissive tone: “To those who are complaining …”, as if criticizing our politicians for their lavish travels and stays in luxury hotels is not appropriate. They demonize us while giving our money away to people who hate us. Kammy has promised to send them a check for $3 billion. There is no accountability as to how the money will be used. We are wrong to be concerned.

Andrew dismisses the complaint about private jets as unoriginal criticism. Andrew, this is why I’m saying that it’s been recycled for years. It’s not a new thing, these elitist twits still do it. These power-mad idiots are blatantly hypocritical when they lecture us about our fuel consumption but do nothing to reduce their own. How can Kerry and Kamala be so concerned when they didn’t even travel together to the Summit in Dubai?

Take a look at how this journalist has reacted to the situation. We must add the obvious context that Freedman has a defensive posture over his field. As a climate activist/reporter, he has to defend his area of study to keep his job. He reaches the insipid conclusion, that the real issue is not the influx of hundreds of people flying from different countries and creating greenhouse gases comparable to those of Iceland’s volcano. The complaint is against those of us who noticed it. Again.

He was not done! Telecommuting is one of the complaints that these Lear llamas gather in an environmentally harmful manner. Freedman, however, declares that this is impossible. He says it is a “fact”, that people in 190 different countries can’t Zoom. Andy…the people are so quick to adopt the video-conference method because so many of us experienced it during the pandemic. At that time, a large part of the country was forced to work remotely. Why is it impossible for a smaller number of people to work remotely today?

Those who claim to be looking for solutions to a perceived global threat are outraged by the tangible solutions offered by those deemed to be lesser beings. These self-elevated individuals become outraged when we suggest things that could lead to the changes they want us to make. We are then denigrated because we dare to show how their pronouncements contradict them.

We will speak up when they ask us to give our money and our lives to their cause. We will not listen to these idiots if they do not change their behavior and lead by example. The only people left to listen to environmental elitists will be the climate journalists.