Hillary Clinton, Kirsten Gillibrand, and Sheryl Sandberg Denounce Hamas’ Sexual Violence at UN

On October 7, the world was turned upside-down in many ways. Hamas terrorists carried out a horrendous attack on Israel. They killed at least 1,200, took 240 hostages, and raped and sexually abused countless Israeli women.

While horror stories about the attack and the monstrous abuse of hostages have continued to surface in the weeks that followed, there has been a strange theme: the unwillingness of some women’s groups and prominent women of the left to condemn the sexual atrocities. A sitting congresswoman has been hesitant to speak out on the matter and insisted that a “balanced” approach is needed. Even when asked, the former First Lady of the United States, who was famous for championing the return of Boko Haram’s 2014 kidnapped girls, refused to comment on the issue of women being abused and held hostage in Gaza by Hamas. UN Women, a group of women from the United Nations, initially did not speak out on this issue. They then tweeted a generic, tepid comment about it. Weeks later, they condemned Hamas via their Instagram account. But then, they inexplicably backtracked.

All of these apathetic responses come despite overwhelming evidence that these atrocities occurred and despite confirmation from the State Department that these atrocities not only took place but also are a major reason why Hamas has refused to release some of the hostages.

Even those on the Left have some reasoned voices on this issue. Rarely do I agree with Hillary Clinton about anything. Her public comments on Israel and Hamas have been mostly accurate. Her remarks, made by video on Monday, to a U.N. headquarters assembly, were unambiguously against sexual violence.

Hamas brutally attacked many women and girls on 7 October, as you are well aware. They have both witnessed and experienced gender-based violence.

“As part of the global community, we must condemn sexual violence that uses weapons wherever it occurs. No excuses or justifications are acceptable. “Raping as a war weapon is a crime.

When she is right, she is right. Clinton is right on this. She wasn’t the only one. Kirsten Gillibrand, a Senator from New York (D), addressed the audience and criticized women’s groups.

Gillibrand stated, “I nearly choked when I saw that the women’s rights organizations had said nothing.” Where is the women’s solidarity in this country, and around the world, to defend our mothers and sisters?

Senator Gillibrand urged the UN to denounce Hamas for being a terrorist group. Over the cheers and standing ovations from the audience, the rest of Senator Gillibrand’s statement was rendered inaudible.

Gillibrand called the “horrific” acts committed by Hamas in October “truly unimaginable.”

Sheryl Sandberg, the former COO and founder of LeanIn.org as well as a strong advocate for women’s rights, addressed the audience, condemning Hamas’s sexual atrocities.

“Rape shouldn’t be used in war.

Silence is complicity. We cannot remain silent in the face of terror. We are here to talk about these unspeakable crimes.

For more than a decade I have been encouraging women to speak up. Now I’m calling on everyone to speak up. If the world doesn’t listen to us, then we will have to be louder.

“Anyone with a mother or sister, daughter, wife, friend, or wife should join us in our fight against rape. This is more than just politics. We have to accept the unacceptable if we cannot agree that rape should be condemned. “Then, the question is not what’s happening in the Middle East, but what’s happening to humanity?”

This is a matter that transcends politics. The fact that many on the left are unwilling to speak against it says a lot about them.