A Homecoming Celebration Was Held for Brittney Griner. Guess How Many People Showed Up?

Brittney Griner wanted to hold her homecoming celebration in Waco, Texas at the University Baptist Church (UBC) after she returned from Russia.

Griner is best-known for her unjustly being held in Russia. However, she is also a WNBA superstar.

“Brittney Griner” was honored Monday night at University Baptist Church, Waco. The event was streamed live by ESPN. Griner and Griner were not open to Griner during the lengthy screed.

Sharyl West Loeung was the organizer of the event. She stated that she would add that Baylor’s women coach used her personal platform… to show support and love Brittney.

While we all agree that Griner’s sentence is too harsh, it doesn’t mean that Griner is a hero. The Biden administration traded Griner for Paul Whalen, who was a former Marine who was held in Russia for many decades.