Is This the Biggest Bombshell of the Kari Lake Election Lawsuit?

Kari Lake is clearly waging an aggressive assault on the badly conducted elections in Maricopa County. Ariz. Stephen Richer, Maricopa County Recorder, testified that polling stations did not count votes. This is a violation of state law and is extremely suspicious given that the county reported that the number of votes it had received mysteriously rose by almost 25,000 in the days following Election Day. This is more than Katie Hobbs’ claimed 17,000-vote win.

This may not be the most important bombshell that was dropped on the first day of the trial.

PJ Media reported that Kari Lake’s legal team was allowed to inspect ballots before trial. Based on their review, 48 of the 113 ballots were reviewed.

Kari Lake’s team claims that this 1 inch discrepancy led to “the mass rejection” of the votes when they were attempting to be read through the tabulators.

This was confirmed by an expert.

Witnesses have testified that Maricopa County doesn’t use 20-inch ballots. Yet, for some reason, the 19-inch ballot images were printed across Maricopa County on 20-inch papers.

The Kari Lake Warroom Twitter account stated that this is how they disenfranchised Maricopa County voter on Election Day. “The ballots were not meant to be read by the machines. This was not an error. It was pure malice. They were correct.

We now know why Katie Hobbs and her team did not want Lake’s lawyers to review ballots.

I was not confident that Kari lake’s efforts could change the outcome of the election. After just one day of testimony, however, I am beginning to believe I underestimated Kari lake.