America Delivers Midterm Report Card to Biden and I Have a Few Grades of My Own

We have many things to be grateful for after celebrating Christmas this year. Joe Biden is not one of these things. The American people have given Joe Biden a report card with less than a month to go before the midterm mark of his disastrous presidency.

Fox News reported that people across the fruited plain rated Biden’s leadership on a variety of issues including immigration, climate change, and the economy.

Unidentified Nebraskan criticized Biden’s economic performance, telling Fox:

Joe Biden would get an F on the economy. We still have rampant inflation. Since he canceled the pipeline, gas prices have risen dramatically.

Bingo. Biden deliberately put his dislike of “fossil fuels” above the best interests of the American people. Tens of millions of Americans continue to feel the effects of Biden’s obsession with “green energies,” with many living check-to-check and cutting down on their monthly costs.

Surprisingly, a thick mustache-wearing Texan disagreed with Biden, earning him a B for the economy.

He does a great job of keeping everything in order and helping those who need it.

Let me fix it, buddy. “He’s intentionally doing a terrible job keeping anything together, and now he’s utilizing massive wealth-redistribution scams to transfer money from Americans who earned it to those who didn’t, solely for the purpose of attempting to shore up rank-and-file Democrat voter support.

Next is Biden’s Border Crisis.

Biden was visited by a Phoenix resident who gave him an F for the continuing disaster at the southern border.

Right now, we’re in Texas. Literally, they had over a thousand people in one day.

Mind you, Austin is approximately 220 miles from Mexico’s border. The illegal alien crisis in El Paso is at a critical point. Recently, the mayor declared a state of emergency in the border city and called it “not safe”. However, Biden and his administration insist that the border is secure and “not open.”

However, the Texan mentioned above gave Biden a surprise C or D on “immigration,” according to Fox:

It’s not his fault. It’s a generational issue that will take time to fix.

Wait, it’s not his fault!

Biden made a commitment to all but move northbound people along the border, and welcomed illegal aliens with open arms throughout the 2020 Democratic primaries. Biden is adamant that Title 42 will expire, and that there will soon be tens of thousands of illegal aliens at the border. How can this continue to be a crisis?

I am going to bet that this mustachioed man is a dyed-in-the-wool Democrat.

It’s absurd to excuse Biden for the disaster when illegal groups arrive at the border in T-shirts with Biden 2020 campaign logos.

And, Biden’s foreign policy?

Biden was also awarded an F by the Nebraskan on foreign relations.

We have kind of given a blank check for the war in Ukraine. We should not give money to people for wars we don’t have an interest in.

The U.S. has a legitimate interest in Russian expansion. However, the Nebraskan was correct in the belief that Biden and the Democrats had given Volodymyr Zelensky, Ukraine’s strongman, a blank check. As the Russia-Ukraine impasse enters its eleventh month with no sign of an end, it is almost certain that the Democrats and Biden will be the last to leave.

Let’s not forget Biden’s Afghanistan disaster. In which he pulled the remaining fighting forces out of war-torn Afghanistan, literally in the middle of the night. NATO allied forces were left in the country. He also failed to notify Afghan officials about his order. Worst, the administration deliberately left an untold number of Americans behind the lines of the most violent terrorist organization on earth. Biden deserves not only a huge fat F here but also condemnation from American citizens.

Climate Change

Joe Biden and “climate change” — Also known as “The existential danger to humanity.” Biden was given a C by an unidentified woman.

I have not heard of any concrete action steps or plans they are implementing.

Biden’s “climate” nonsense and his huge “infrastructure scam are obvious to the woman. But let’s not forget about her. This guy blames everything, from heat waves to wildfires and cancer to changes in hurricane direction on “climate” without providing any empirical data. Joe Biden keeps tilting at windmills, gang.

Finally, my report card for ‘The Big Guy’.

When I was thinking about how to grade Biden’s first two years in office I decided that I would give him two report cards. One for the deliberate disaster he has caused and continues to cause. The second is based on his stated goals which millions of voters have either forgotten or ignored since the beginning.

My first report to Joe is very simple: F- across the board.

Bidenomics, Bidenflation, and his obsession with “climate change” have all contributed to America’s demise. If someone can provide a valid example of something positive that he has done for America, I am open to reconsidering my harsh grade. This is just one example.

Biden, on the other hand, gets an A+ because he has intentionally achieved the goals he’s been telling us for years.

In his final years of life, Biden is unable to think for himself. Instead, he is told by leftist handlers how to speak, sign, stand, stand, sit, stand, and do almost everything else.

All the while, “Dr. Jill” is glowingly by his side, basking the spotlight, even though she is sometimes forced to grab her husband by the arm and lead him off a platform he shouldn’t have been on.