You Are Free to Question ‘The Science’ on Twitter Again

Musk took a major decision Wednesday in support of Twitter users’ freedom to speak their mind. Musk tweeted that people will be able again to question “the science”.

Musk tweeted, “New Twitter Policy is to Follow the Science”

This policy announcement, like most Musk’s tweets, was controversial.

I have been banned from Twitter and then permanently banned for questioning science, so I support this policy and hope my Twitter account is restored soon.

Some believe that conspiracy theorists will be empowered by the policy. Others supported the policy, arguing it encourages honest inquiry into scientific issues.

Tom Fitton, president of Judicial Watch, tweeted, “Bad news transgender extremism and covid totalitarians and climate alarmists.”

David Martosko, journalist asked: “Isn’t it amazing that this is different from what we’ve seen for many years?” “I hope that it will also mean it will be acceptable for scientists to examine who is funding science and what restrictions they place on them.”

“This. Changes. Everything. Eric Weinstein, an economist and mathematical physicist, tweeted that it was true. Is that a 1000% commitment by biologists to stop *lying* on biological sex and healthy reproductive development, genetic differences among geographically separated populations or horse paste, Wuhan Inst. GoF, etc. ?”

Wajahat Ali (New York Times contributor) was upset about the new policy. He poetically called Musk’s tweet “Something a really stupid person would tweet.”

How articulate.

Twitter and Facebook use “the science” to censor speech on their platforms, as we all know. Many things that were called “misinformation” later became clear. If you suggested that COVID was created and escaped from Wuhan Institute of Virology in 2020, you would be censored. We have learned that there may be evidence to support this claim. It would be wrong to discuss hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin being possible COVID treatments… both of these have been proven effective in numerous studies.

It is crucial to question “the science”, if you want “the science”, to be honest. This is good news after two years of silence.