Wyoming Voters Tell CNN Absolutely Not When Asked If They Will Support Liz Cheney

Rep. Liz Cheney (Republican from Wyoming) was criticized by Wyoming voters on Friday’s segment of CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360. She was asked about Wyoming voters support for her current congresswoman and their thoughts on the possibility of giving her a fourth term.

“Hell no!” One self-described Trump supporter said, “Hell no!”

She’s made us all dirty… Look at what she’s done to Trump. She said she was a Trump supporter and added that she should be supporting him. She is a Republican, just for the record.”

Randi Kaye was told by another voter that Cheney would not be eligible for his vote. A third voter stated that she believed Cheney had had “three [terms] more”

Others expressed disapproval with the anti-Trump Republican and cited her participation on the Jan.6 committee as another reason.

Kaye pointed out The Equality State’s overwhelming support for former President, pointing at the almost 70 percent of votes he received during 2020 election. He also acknowledged that Cheney’s opposition could indicate her downfall.

One constituent criticized Cheney and the entire committee for not allowing Trump to have a defense group present to counter the claims of the committee about his alleged misconduct regarding the 2021 Capitol riot. A mob of Trump supporters stormed the building, disrupting certification of the Electoral College count.

In a primary election this month, Cheney will be facing off against Harriet Hageman, a Trump-backed Republican. Cheney seeks a fourth term as the representative of Wyoming’s at-large congressional district. This district has one House seat because it is small. Cheney was elected to a third term by 44 points in deep-red states.