Hilarious CNN Report on What Wyoming Voters Think of Liz Cheney

We have been watching Rep. Liz Cheney’s primary Wyoming race for some time, and things are not looking well for her.

We reported that she has been trailing Harriet Hageman (her Trump-endorsed primary opponent) at various points by as much as 30 points. A June poll found that 73% of Wyoming Republicans considered her unfavorable. She’s not only ignoring Republicans but she’s also asking Democrats to vote for her. Republicans are not happy about this.

Cheney believes that she will win and that she may even be able to run for the presidency in 2024. She believes that her Jan.6 Committee effort to remove Donald Trump will somehow propel her forward on this. This is truly insane. The hearings are being watched by most Americans, who know that it is a biased effort to hurt Republicans and get Trump elected. Only the Democrats who hate Trump and Republicans are watching it. This isn’t the majority of America. Those people won’t vote for Liz Cheney if they get what they want from her on the Committee.

She has a real problem. She’s so focused on Trump’s hatred and joining the Democrats on the Committee that she’s neglected her constituents and their needs. She hasn’t even attempted to explain herself to Wyoming Republican voters. She has not even been to Republican town halls or other events. Hageman, on the other hand, has been traveling across the state, building support. Cheney has been sacked by the Republican party and Hageman has broken all ties with them.

CNN did an amazing report if you want to see what the real citizens of Wyoming think about Cheney. They interviewed Frontier Days participants, and it was difficult to find Cheney supporters. Most people didn’t hesitate to express their disgust at her. This is quite funny.

One older woman is asked by a CNN reporter if she plans to support Liz Cheney.

She quickly adds, “Can you cuss?” “Hell, no!”

Cheney’s fourth term was also discussed by another lady. She replied, “Frankly, I think she’s had three too many.”

Many were upset by her participation on the Jan. 6 Committee. Another woman stated that she found her work on Jan. 6 Committee “repulsive.” Many believed that the Jan. 6 Committee was “a witch hunt.”

One man asked why Trump wasn’t allowed to have a defense team if it was about the rule of laws. It was called a “kangaroo Court” by one man. He also said it wasn’t the Wyoming way. If the Committee allowed defense evidence and rebuttal, it would be a blow to Trump’s efforts against him.

The reporter asked a woman, “Are you proud of her taking on Donald Trump?”

She declared bluntly, “No.”

Although they did not find any people who were supportive of Cheney in the large crowd, this report is another point that indicates Cheney’s goose is about to be cooked in Wyoming.