World’s Oldest Dog Bobi Dies at 31, Leaving Behind a Legacy of Love

Guinness World Records reported Monday that Bobi, the oldest dog in history, died last week at a Portuguese animal hospital.

In a press statement, the company that keeps records said: “Bobi lived until he was 31 years and 165 days and spent his whole life with his loving family Leonel Costa in the Portuguese village Conqueiros.”

Bobi, a Chihuahua aged 23 years old, was declared the oldest dog in the world by the American Kennel Club on February 1, this year. This came just two weeks after Spike claimed the title. Spike, a Chihuahua born in Ohio, is now the oldest dog.

Bobi, in human years, was about 86. Bobi was a Rafeiro do Alentejo purebred, a Portuguese farm and guardian breed with a lifespan of 12-14 years.

Guinness said that his age was confirmed through registration in 1992 with a veterinary service in Leiria (Portugal) and a Portuguese pet database owned by the Portuguese government.

Bobi was one of four puppies born to Leonel Costa, but his parents had to put the others down because there were already too many animals on the farm.

In an interview with Guinness, Leonel stated that “at that time it was normal for older people to bury animals in a pit so that they wouldn’t survive.”

Costa claimed that he had hidden Bobi from his family after noticing the dog’s escape from death by hiding under a pile of wood. Costa’s parents discovered the truth, but it was too late for them to put Bobi down.

Costa claims that Bobi never was leashed or tied, always drank water, and only ate food for humans. Costa attributes Bobi’s age to a “calm and peaceful” lifestyle.

Guinness said that on Bobi’s birthday, May 31, his owner hosted a traditional Portuguese party at which more than 100 people attended.