Minneapolis Pro-Hamas Protest Turns Violent: Elderly Man Attacked, Democratic Politician Linked to Chaos

On Sunday, a frightening scene occurred in Minneapolis, MN, as a pro-Hamas protest blocked a main road and attacked a driver in his vehicle.

Hamas flags were seen flying in the crowd while drone shots showed cars, presumably owned by the protesters, being used to block traffic as if it were a war-zone. In the immediate aftermath, the claim was that the man was a “counter-protester” who fired a gun.

The initial claims made by far-left activists were false, as is often the case. There was no evidence of a gun being fired, nor was the man in the vehicle a counter-protester. (Someone in the crowd probably set off fireworks). The footage shows an old, confused man who was surrounded in his car by the crowd without any provocation.

A Democrat politician was implicated in the incident. Zach Metzger was running for Minneapolis city council and he was among those who filmed the attack. The man was chased down by him and others after he had escaped from the first group.

Metzger is exactly the reason why Minneapolis has a declining, crime-ridden population and is suffering from a net loss of population. Voters in Minneapolis should consider carefully whether they want to continue to empower those who lead to their own destruction.

What is happening in Minnesota, and other cities across the country, is a joke. These protesters shouldn’t be allowed to terrorize and blockade people going about their normal lives. Where are the officers? Where are the city officials who denounce this and empower the police to act?

This is the perfect example of why people leave these extreme-left urban areas for red states such as Florida, Texas, and Tennessee. Democrat government is toxic. Metzger must be disqualified, and these protests are illegal.