World Reacts to Assassination of Shinzo Abe, Joe Biden’s Statement Is AWOL

We reported that Shinzo Abe (ex-prime minister of Japan) was shot in the back while delivering a speech in Nara, Japan, ahead of the upcoming elections to the upper house. Later, he was declared dead at the hospital. The shooter did not flee the scene and was caught. The shooter has been identified by Tetsuya Yamagami (a local man in his 40s who appeared to have assassinated the former prime minister using what appears to be a homemade weapon).

The shooting took place in Nara at 11:30 AM local time, and in Washington, D.C. at 10:30 PM on the East coast.

We’ve seen that shock has swept the globe at the cowardly directed attack on Abe who has been a world leader for many years.

Many world leaders participated. Former President Donald Trump was one of the first to weigh in. He recognized how much Abe had been a friend to America.

Trump stated on Truth Social, “Absolutely depressing news that the former Prime Minister Shinzo of Japan, a truly outstanding man, and leader has been shot and is in very serious conditions.”

“He was a friend of mine, and even more, America. This is a terrible blow to Japan’s wonderful people who loved him and admired his character so much. We all pray for Shinzo, his family, and his beautiful wife!”

After Trump’s election, Abe was among the first leaders in the world to recognize him.

Mike Pence described Abe as a “remarkable leader and an unshakeable ally”.

Leaders from all over the globe, from India to Poland, offered their support for Japan and Abe’s families and spoke about the importance of Abe. Boris Johnson, who had just announced his resignation, thought enough to send his support and weigh in.

Vladimir Putin even issued a statement calling Abe an “outstanding statesman” and his death “irreparable.”

The U.S. Rahm Emanuel (ambassador to Japan), did make a statement.

The White House did not respond to our request until Friday morning. Finally, we received a comment from an unnamed spokesperson.

It’s shameful and embarrassing, especially considering the gravity of the event and the importance Abe and Japan hold on the international stage. They are our strongest allies on the international stage. We must stand with Japan and show our support from the top. However, hours later, at 8:00 AM in Washington, D.C., Joe Biden, and Kamala Harris had not yet weighed in — they were still missing from the 10:30 call.

They will, I believe. However, this is a bad sign and sends a negative message to Japan and the rest of the world.