Why We Really Can’t Afford Biden In Office

When contemplating who the next president should be, Biden would make the culture war even worse. His administration has already proven to be run by the radical left bent on warping America’s entire culture to the left.

Biden does not inspire confidence. Even if he wins and becomes president, there will be a lot of people fighting for administration roles because they know that’s where the real power lies. It will be like the country is run by a shadow president or something. I mean we already know Biden is not mentally here. What’s going to change in the oval office?

The Democrats are working with a top tax reform priority to restore a tax break for the wealthy who live in high-tax blue states. Even the student loan forgiveness plan would help the already rich more than the student drowning in debt.

I mean, Biden has spent his entire career as the senator from credit card companies. His style is to cut a deal with big businesses and big government, as well as not agitating for a revolution of any kind, especially a social one. By doing so, he doesn’t set any sort of agenda and someone will have to. This will turn into a fight for control amongst his administration, in which Biden will throw his hands up and let go of the reigns. Not a good idea.

The culture war would escalate under Biden’s presidency. They will fan the flames to unite against the rich, even though the ones who advocate this are the Democrats who are rich. Biden’s campaign is already using culture war issues to appease to the left, since he’s lost them along the way. By provoking this culture bar, the administration uses it as an advantage to energize its base, sort of like Obama’s stray voltage strategy.

While at one point he was in favor of abortion restrictions, he now champions taxpayer-funded abortion on demand even up until the point of birth, an extreme position even among pro-choice Democrats.

Whoever attempts to hold the Democratic party together will most definitely start more cultural fights, in hopes this will unify the party closer together. This could affect a child’s education as they look more into the teachings of critical race theory in public schools. 

As long as a brand makes a few donations to social justice organizations and waves a few BLM banners, they can distract the online mob in which case their “woke” capital is still allowed to be capital. Everything else is apparently corporate greed and racist. Many of these liberals seem to forget that brands like Nike and Apple profit from Chinese slave labor, even though they use their cultural and financial clout to support the left in America. They get a pass.

The Biden administration would move the country to the economic left and buy off whoever they can to let their party get whatever way they want in terms of culture war issues. It would be a disappointment if he got elected. We’d see the left cut a deal with big businesses and call off this entire “cultural offensive” nonsense. Then like that, it’ll be out of the news.