Why Many Conservatives Won’t Be with Their Children or Grandchildren This Christmas

There are hundreds of thousands of people who, due to political differences, have little or no contact with either their parents or their children.

Probably an unprecedented number of Americans with grown children will be alone this Christmas because their children will neither visit them nor invite them for the holiday dinner.

This may not be the case in all cases, but it can be excused in rare cases of a parent’s obscene behavior. If it is political, however, it is unacceptable.

This is something I have experienced firsthand. Parents call my radio station, often in tears or sobbing, and share their feelings about being alone during holidays, despite having children or grandchildren.

In almost all cases, the parent is conservative and the child is left. Although I am sure there are some cases where grown-up conservative children won’t let a liberal/Left parent see their grandchildren, I have not heard of any such cases. It’s almost impossible to imagine a conservative adult denying his or her parents access to their grandchildren due to the fact that they voted for President Joe Biden. Furthermore, I am certain that every conservative I know would condemn such an individual.

Why is this happening to you?

Number 1: No accountability

You are less likely to believe you are responsible to an absolute moral system, let alone to a Giver. Conservatives, especially religious conservatives, believe they have an obligation to honor their parents regardless of political differences.

Although it is sometimes morally justified, there are few actions more sinister than cutting off all contact with parents and denying them access to their grandchildren. This is not common on the Left and it is much more common than on right.

Leftism can often produce mean people. There are both decent and indecent liberals and decent and indecent conservators. Many leftists are degenerate, and they’re leftists. However, neither conservatism nor liberalism makes people indecent. Leftism encourages cruelty, ingratitude and victimhood — and moral arrogance. One example was the Democrats’ treatment of Brett Kavanaugh, then Judge. Another example is the screaming shutdowns on campuses of conservative speakers. Cruel treatment of parents is another.

Number 2: Inadequacy in the conscience

The Left demonstrates the complete inadequacy and weakness of the conscience. The Left is an example of this. Adult children who deny their conservative parents contact with their grandchildren have a very clear conscience. It is astonishingly ignorant to argue that God is not necessary because people can answer to their conscience. Most people who do evil are unaware of their consciences.

Many religious people who have done or not resisted evil have an undisturbed conscience. To return to the present example, those who believe that God has to be held responsible for their actions are more likely to love their parents than those who don’t believe so. They believe God commands them to respect their mother and father. The Left does not have such a command.

Number 3: College

Millions of American teenagers who graduate college are morally worse than the people they were in college. How many parents think their child is a better or happier person after college? How many parents think their child is happier now?

To be able to deprive your parents of their grandchildren and shun them because of political differences, you almost need to be a college grad. Most college graduates who are unable to see their parents at Christmas because of political disagreements would have thought the question absurd if you asked them. The question is now absurd after four years of college education, which essentially consists of hatred for nonleftists.

On the Left, it is a grave sin to abuse the Earth. Not one’s parents.