The UK and Ireland to Crack Down on Citizens in the Name of Climate Change

Americans tend to be quite insular. Americans tend to believe that if it doesn’t happen in America, it is not worth discussing. A friend from South Africa once said to me that “America sneezes” can cause the world to catch a cold. That was more than 15 years ago. America was, and still is, a very different country. It is important to keep an eye on the world because in many cases, the events happening elsewhere could have and likely will impact here. This is not only about Canada’s collapse.

Let’s begin in England, in the county Oxfordshire. This is the home of Oxford. Naturally, a college town. A program known as “traffic filtering” has been proposed by the county council. Privately owned vehicles would be prohibited from certain areas of the city and surrounding areas without a permit. But, buses, coaches, taxis vans, taxis, mopeds motorbikes and HGVs will all be permitted to travel anywhere in the city. The plan’s goals are:

Make walking and biking safer and more appealing.
Bus journeys are more efficient and reliable.
New and improved bus routes are possible
Support investment in modern buses
Help combat climate change, reduce air pollution in our localities, and improve the health and well-being of our communities.
In the filter areas, automatic number plate recognition cameras will be required. Violators will be penalized by PS70 ($80). The idea is not universally loved by everyone, so The Daily Fetched published some of the dissident tweets.

The Emerald Isle plans to take its own initiatives to combat climate change. According to The Irish Times, one in five cars will be removed from roads by the Irish government and the population of cattle will drop by 10% by 2030. According to the paper, Taoiseach (Prime Minster) Leo Varadkar admitted that the plan was ambitious but stated that he is determined that “we should be the generation that leaves the planet in better condition than we inherited.” This issue will be addressed at Wednesday’s Cabinet meeting.

In the name of saving the earth, the Dutch and German governments have taken steps against their agricultural communities. Despite protests and demonstrations, these actions seem to have little effect. Even though the EU doesn’t include the Americas in its scope, the Green Agenda/New Deal/whatever that it’s called is fully implemented and it’s only a matter time before its principles become mandatory. It will be a while before you see a significant change in your life, but our government will continue soft-pedaling it. They will stop trying to win your trust.