Why Do Some People Still Want to Put Masks on Kids?

My family and I went out to lunch the day after Christmas. We also used some gift cards that we had received. We saw a father and his son in one shop. We noticed that the father was wearing a mask. This is not surprising considering the city we visited leans more to the left than other places. But the son couldn’t be more than four years.

COVID-19 has been around for three years. Many people wore masks when it first spread throughout our communities. In some cases, authorities even required that they be worn. All ages put on masks, and so did government officials.

It’s not uncommon to see a mask-wearing person nowadays, but they are certainly rare. Sometimes, children and toddlers will be seen wearing masks. Some people won’t let go of their fearful pandemic mentality no matter how many years have passed since the most terrifying waves of COVID hit.

Recent polls from Issue & Insights and Tippinsights revealed that almost 40% of voters believe that masking children younger than 5 years old is a good idea. This is a shocking statistic, but there are some data points that make it more logical.

According to the report:

The poll showed that 42% of adults believe that masking 5-year olds is okay, but only 56% of Democrats agree. Only 24% of Republicans (incorrectly), think it’s a good idea. 31% of independents agree.

This poll provides compelling evidence that wisdom and knowledge are not synonymous.

44 percent of college-educated adults approve of masking children, compared to 39% who have only a high school education. According to the poll, 48% of people earning more than $75,000 approve of masking children, while 39% of those who make less than $30,000.

The Issues & Insights editorial team has harsh words to say about those who believe in masks.

“Shame on your for not paying attention to the COVID data. The board writes that they are sorry for failing to see the risk. Shame on you for not recognizing the psychological long-term damage you are causing to the next generation.

It also has data backing up its claim. It states that the CDC has estimated that there are currently 1.1 million COVID-related deaths in America. “Can you guess how many were children younger than 5 years old?” 643.”

This data also shows that over 6,000 children in the same age group died due to preventable injuries during that time. Children who died of COVID, cancer or homicides were more common than those who drowned. This is not to minimize the deaths of children from cancer, drowning or homicides. However, the data shows that COVID presents a small risk relative to the daily challenges that children face.

NPR’s report, which was quoted by the board (of all sources), states that masks can make it harder for children to understand speech and facial expressions.

So, why is it acceptable to cover up little children?

“Why is the public so misinformed about hiding young children?” The board suggests that you think about it. Liberal Democrats control government institutions, public schools and media outlets. Most of them believe that children should be wearing uncomfortable, ineffective and long-term-damaging masks.

Too many people aren’t willing to think for themselves and put the long-term wellbeing of their children first. It’s a shame.