Man Blames Voodoo After Pregnant 13-Year-Old Relative Accuses Him of Repeatedly Raping Her

After a family member claims that he raped a teenager, a Florida man was taken into custody and is facing horrendous charges.

The victim, aged 13, went to St. Mary’s Medical Center in West Palm Beach, Florida with abdominal pain on December 19. Medical teams discovered that the girl was six weeks pregnant after examining her.

The case was soon taken up by officers from the West Palm Beach Police Department. The interview revealed that the girl identified Jean Innocent (a 41-year-old relative) as the father of her child. She also claimed that Innocent had raped her at least four times.

The heartbreaking story of betrayal painted by the girl’s allegations is shocking. According to police, she was able “to describe penile-vaginal sexual assault that happened over the summer of 2022.” Innocent entered her bedroom and asked her to give him 10 minutes. Then he pulled her down, and raped her, she claimed. The victim said that she had told Innocent “no”, but that he continued to rape her even though she was crying. The victim described the encounter to be “weird” as well as physically painful.

Police then arranged “a one-party consent-controlled call” between the suspect and the victim. During the call, Innocent allegedly denied that the girl could be pregnant since “her period was not due for another week.” He also allegedly encouraged the girl to lie and tell others that a boy named “Semen” was the father of her child. When pressed about whether he had ever penetrated her, Innocent supposedly told the victim, “Yes, I think I [did] do it.” He also suggested that his pre-ejaculation fluid may have gotten her pregnant, the affidavit states.

Innocent admitted to raping his victim when he was brought before the police. However, he claimed that voodoo made him do it. According to the report, he could only recall two sexual encounters with his victim.

His description of those two encounters resembles the descriptions given by the victim. In one instance, which he claimed took place in September, he asked the victim for “5 minutes.” He then inserted himself inside her but stopped after “only a few seconds,” the report states. Then on a Saturday in November, he allegedly once again entered her bedroom and asked her for “10 minutes.” He also supposedly told her that it would “be the last time [he’s] going to ask,” though whether the alleged statement was intended as a threat or a promise is unclear. Despite “tears coming from her eyes,” the victim supposedly said, “OK,” and Innocent proceeded to rape her, the affidavit claims.

Innocent was booked at the Palm Beach main detention center and charged with two counts each of incest, sexual battery with a child, and impregnating a minor. Innocent is currently being held without bond. It is unclear when he is next scheduled to appear in court.