White House Press Secretary Slips Up, Calls Biden President Obama

Karine Jean-Pierre, White House Press Secretary, made a mistake during a Thursday press conference and accidentally called President Biden “President Obama.”

Jean-Pierre lost her tongue while making announcements at top of the briefing. This caused a lot of laughter and shock among the press corps.

“So today, as all of you saw an hour ago, President Obama declared that–Pardon, President Biden!” Jean-Pierre spoke out as reporters yelled in surprise. “Whoa! That is not news. We’re not going forwards, I know. We’ve gotta go forwards.”

Then, she announced “President Biden”‘s nominee to head the World Bank.

This slip-up is occurring as rumors continue about Biden’s 2024 plans. Although the White House claims that he “intends” to run, many Democrats are skeptical due to his age. Many people expected Biden would make an announcement following his State of the Union address earlier in the month. But, it never happened.

Obama has stood by Biden’s mental well-being in the past but he was critical of his former White House doctor when he criticized Biden’s performance.

In October, Biden acknowledged that age-related questions are “totally legitimate.”

“I believe it’s legitimate to be concerned about any age, even mine. It’s completely legitimate. However, I believe the best way to judge is to watch me. Do I seem to be slowing down? Are you noticing a slowing down? In an interview with MSNBC, the president stated that he didn’t have the same pace.

Biden is the oldest president ever and will turn 82 in 2024.