The NCAA Hands Down Its First NIL Violation

In 2021, the National Collegiate Athletic Association (NCAA) changed its rules to prohibit student-athletes from making money from their names and images. Students from bigger schools and more prominent sports are making huge amounts of cash.

Many people are not familiar with NIL and wonder why schools break it. The NCAA has issued sanctions against University of Miami’s women’s basketball team for violating NIL.

These sanctions include recruitment of twin transfer players Haley Cavinder, (Hanna Cavinder), and John Ruiz, (alumnus).

ESPN’s Dan Murphy reported that Ruiz signed over 100 Hurricanes players to NIL contracts in order to promote LifeWallet. These deals are worth thousands and hundreds of dollars, according to some reports.

The Cavinders are known for their college success. Soon after, they moved to Miami.

“The NCAA did not mention Haley and Hanna, but it did mention a tweet from a booster on April 13th. Grayson Weir (Outkick) reports that Ruiz was the one who sent the tweet. The resolution states that the NCAA began its investigation in May.

Only Miami’s women’s basketball program is affected by the penalties and sanctions. Ruiz, the Cavinder twins, and others will not be penalized.

“Hurricanes women’s basketball must pay an $5,000 penalty along with a fine equaling 1% of its budget. Weir reports the program will be placed on probation for one-year. This includes official visit reductions and minor recruitment.

Miami Head coach Katie Meier was suspended for three games over the violation.

Friday’s statement by Meier stated that Meier has been an NCAA partner for more than 30 years. Any mistake I made was prior to a full understanding of the NCAA’s guardrails.