White House Deletes Tweet Flagged as Misinformation by Twitter

We were all thrilled to see Joe Biden finally get fact-checked by Twitter last week — a sign that there is balance returning to the platform.┬áThe White House has made exaggerated claims for too long and credits Joe Biden’s leadership for the good things that were allegedly occurring.

Those days are over.

The White House tweeted Tuesday praising President Biden’s leadership for increasing Social Security payments.

The tweet stated that Seniors have seen the largest increase in Social Security checks in 10 Years, thanks to President Biden’s leadership.

Twitter removed the tweet on Wednesday, claiming it was misleading. This was because the 40-year high inflation caused the rise in Social Security payments.

The tweet was misleading because it was accompanied by a context note from Twitter that indicated that the increase of Social Security payments was due “to the annual cost of living adjustment which is based upon the inflation rate.” Instead of making it seem that they were boasting about the inflation, the White House deleted the tweet.

Twitter is entering a new era.