Illegals Bearing Giant Venezuelan Flag Attack Border Patrol

Some Left-leaning and some Right-leaning politicians are quick to point out that many immigrants are good people who want to live in the United States. That is true for many people who cross the border. I have dealt with many people who were new to this country and I know that there are some illegal immigrants who arrive in the U.S. with the best intentions.

What can we make of Monday’s events in El Paso (Texas)? Fox News reports that large numbers of illegal immigrants ran to the border carrying a huge Venezuelan flag.

After a demonstration over national borders, the attack took place. One border patrol agent was hit with a rock and the other was left with a flagpole. Agents fired pepper balls at the crowd in retaliation. They dispersed on Mexico’s side of the border.

People who come to America to escape poverty and seek the American Dream don’t protest their entry. They don’t attack immigration officials and they don’t try to place the flag of their country’s flag on American soil. This is not migration.

It is important to note that Venezuelan immigrants are not covered by Title 42. This means that they will not be processed or turned loose if they cross the border.

It is okay to be proud to be Venezuelan, Cuban or any other nationality. Keep your country intact and work hard to make it a better place. You can join us in the U.S. and preserve your cultural heritage. These people aren’t asylum seekers, but they want to keep their traditions. This is not a way to start a new lifestyle. These people demand accommodations and entitlements and will storm the border to obtain them.

Perhaps it was me, but I thought that traveling light is a requirement for these trips to the United States. How does one who has to make such a dangerous trek manage to carry such a large flag all the way from Venezuela to Mexico in order to fly it in the U.S. Are these people loyal to Venezuela and want the American benefits? This is my opinion.

According to the current administration’s policies, they view America as a distributor of their goods and do not want to help grow the country they are trying to invade. They would have stayed away from violence if that was the case. At the very least, they would have carried an American flag and not a Venezuelan one. They wouldn’t have rushed ahead in battle. It is not possible to attack a country you do not want to call home.