Whining Begins After NYPD Shuts Down Columbia Pro-Hamas Encampment

As I reported previously, NYPD police officers moved in to close down a pro-Hamas “encampment” on the campus of Columbia University. The alleged protesters were chanting in support of the terrorist group, while illegally occupying a large area. They also gave “honor to all the martyrs.”

We are now getting more information and photos of what happened, along with the reactions. It’s safe to say that the hysterical tears have begun.

Violence broke out between police and protesters. Many arrests have been made, while others are suspended. This includes the activist daughter of Rep. Ilhan. She responded by claiming that she was wronged.

Welcome to the real life, Isra. It’s not always possible to get a warning before the hammer falls, especially if your behavior crosses into illegality. She was lucky that she wasn’t arrested or taken to jail, as this seemed to be reserved only for those who were violent towards responding police officers.

We’ve seen it time and again: these pro-Hamas simps can’t be anything but entitled, spoiled brats who don’t understand cause and effect. It’s no surprise that the tears flowed in the aftermath.

That’s some good stuff. Please, more of this is needed to restore some order. You should be thrown out of an alleyway if you take over a part of a campus illegally and refuse to leave. These pro-Hamas lunatics are lucky Columbia didn’t burn it down.

Unfortunately, this response from the authorities was not tough enough to stop the chaos in the long term. Others promised to return while some posted selfies of themselves smiling after they were suspended.

In situations like these, suspensions are not enough. If charges are filed, expulsion will be necessary. Otherwise, the student may just continue to break the rules of the school and the law.

A large crowd is gathered outside of the jail to await the release of the terrorist supporters. They are so sure that there will be no real consequences.

The NYPD and Columbia University did a good job, but it was not enough. This will only continue. People who repeatedly and blatantly break the law should be charged with crimes and prosecuted. It is not enough to continue making token arrests, which only result in their release later that day.