Whatever Happened to the Dems Saying That ‘Lock Her Up’ Chants were ‘Banana Republic Stuff’?

It was a common feature of Trump rallies in 2016: The candidate would mention Hillary Clinton and the crowd would start singing “Lock her Up!” It was a threat for Our Democracy!

Where are the “experts” now that a corrupt, hyperpartisan DA indicted the main opponent to the Biden regime under the simplest of pretexts.

The Democrats and their media propaganda arm knew that in the Trump-Clinton era, even the thought of prosecuting one’s political rival, or even laughing about it, was a sign of dictatorships or sham republics. They gave the illusion of allowing opposition, but the truth. Al Franken, then-Senator, was said to be a comedian and was one of the most polite guardians of Our Democracy. He was not able to find any humor in the “Lock her Up” chants. He claimed in July 2016 that attempts to imprison Hillary for mishandling classified info or any other were “very banana republic” and that the accompanying rhetoric at the Republican National Convention had been “just been startlingly horrible.”

Unfunny al is now where? Trump tweeted that he could shoot someone in the middle 5th Avenue without losing a vote on Thursday night when news broke about Trump’s indictment. But he would’ve been indicted!” Gee Al, that’s a very banana republic of Trump, and it’s also startlingly ugly!

There was also the New York Times. Zowie! It would be terrible, wouldn’t you think? If presidents began using law enforcement agencies against their political rivals, it would be awful! The Times stated that the request was sufficient to provoke a political backlash. Trump critics quickly decried what they called “banana republic” politics of retribution. This is similar to autocratic countries where election losers get jailed by winners. You don’t know what politics of retribution is, where election losers are jailed in return for their votes? Wow! That could not happen in the United States of America, right now.

The Times did not mention banana republics on Thursday. Instead, it reminded us that no Republican president has ever been immune from criminal liability.

The Washington Post repeated the slogan in July 2016: “Lock her up” is the chant of the banana republic. So, where is the Post today. Is it warning against banana republics? Not quite. The paper happily reported that Trump’s indictment could be “a breakthrough legal matter” and could “theoretically place him behind bars after a career in which he dodged finding out his guilt in forums from Trenton to Brooklyn to the U.S. Capitol.” The Post seems to believe that this would be a great outcome. The Post has no worries about Trump’s banana republic now.

What about Hillary Clinton? In Oct. 2016, she stated that the “lock her down” chants were the comments of a dictator. However, it is likely that her statements about Trump’s indictment will not include any mention of dictators or banana republics.

The Democrats present themselves as the party of virtue and sanity, but they are hypocritical and completely one-sided. When they thought about the possibility of one of their leaders facing the consequences for her actions, they hated the idea that political opponents would be prosecuted. Their bete noire becomes the victim of corrupt and politicized prosecution. That’s fine. Enjoy your banana.