What Manchin Has to Say About Third-Party Presidential Run?

When asked if he would be interested in running for president as a third party, Senator Joe Manchin (D – WV) replied that he “was not ruling out anything” on Sunday’s Fox News broadcast.

Shannon Bream, the anchor, said: “You haven’t ruled it out or taken it off the table. Is a third party run within the realm of possibility?”

Manchin said: “You better have a Plan B, because if you don’t, we will go to both the extremes of the left and right. People want to be governed by the middle, not the left or right.” I believe there is, and that you should have that Plan B ready to go.

Manchin said: “I won’t say who it will include or exclude. Shannon, I am saying that you need to have a Plan B prepared, as that is what will be required for the United States to remain the world’s superpower and to inspire confidence in the people of the rest of the world, that the U.S. Dollar should remain the reserve currency. The U.S. Defense Department and government should support freedom and democracy. We can do it. “You can’t take it to the extremes.”

Bream asked, “Ruling out or not ruling it out?”

Manchin said: “Not ruling out anything, but not ruling in anything.”