The Science™ Hid Data That Fluoride Lowers IQ

There was a piece a few weeks ago, or maybe even a little earlier, examining the possible negative health effects of Fluoride – a neurotoxin that is documented – and why Public Health(tm), the authorities in the United States, encourage its addition to three quarters of their water supply. It is widely known that fluoride has a negative impact on cognition in children, and in developing fetuses while in utero.

According to Mutation Research the most common form of fluoride is fluorosilicic acids. “At concentrations used in water, it induced genotoxicity and oxidative stress as well as an acceleration of bone mineralization.”

The Journal of Neurosciences in Rural Practice

Fluoride exposure is linked to a reduction in intelligence among children. We found that there is a significant negative relationship between the level of fluoride in water and urine.

One might speculate, “But maybe the concentrations in water of fluoride aren’t high enough to cause negative health effects?” It’s not true.

Fluoride accumulates in brain regions that are responsible for learning and memory. The MCLG (maximum contamination level goal) for fluoride (4mg/L )…) is not protective against adverse effects on brain development, particularly in early life exposures.

The average concentration of water-fluoride was 2.3 mg/L. The lowest level was 0.8 mg/L. The study aims to document cognitive deficits that are associated with even slightly elevated levels of fluoride.

Despite the reams and reams available publicly, the CDC Community Water Fluoridation Guidelines encourage the practice.

According to the Fluoride action network, a study conducted by Dr. Jayanth Kurian, a California public official and longtime advocate for water fluoridation, omitted information that contradicted their conclusion that fluoridated drinking water was not associated with a reduced IQ. Documents obtained via Public Records Act requests confirm this.

The good doctor – the expert that we have been taught to respect – may have had a profluoride bias which influenced his decisions. “Dr. The American Association for Community Dental Programs states that “Dr. You can view the documents provided by this organization.

Information that threatens to undermine the dominant narrative must be suppressed. The Science(tm), then, works. The COVID-19 drama over the last three years may have damaged the credibility of Public Health(tm), so that we are now able to seriously question the fundamental tenets that The Science(tm), such as the notion that fluoridating water is necessary for the public, can be questioned.