What Is CNN Trying To Do Here?

We always seem to run into a common theme with CNN interviews. The hosts won’t let their guests get more than a few words out before interrupting them and that’s exactly what happened with Terry Crews. There is a fine line between ‘interviewing’ and ‘silencing’ and that’s the exact line CNN has crossed.

Actor Terry Crews sparked controversy this week when he criticized the Black Lives Movement on Twitter. He suggested that white people and black people actually need to work together to defeat racism. This was the tweet: “Defeating White supremacy without White people creates Black supremacy. Like or or not, we are all in this together.” 

The tweet sparked harsh backlash, accusing Crews of hurting the cause rather than helping it. He then appeared on CNN anchor Don Lemon’s primetime show to defend his reasonable sentiment…because no one can have free speech anymore, apparently. The conversation turned to the goals and what Black Lives Matter stands for, in which Lemon began gaslighting Crews regarding the movement’s Marxist ideologies. 

Lemon insulted Crews telling him to get “thicker skin” before jumping into a preachy speech about how the Black Lives Matter movement originated around the issue of police brutality. Lemon said there were no broader issues and the entire movement is based around that one idea, then likens it to an anti-cancer charity being criticized for not battling HIV. Woah there CNN, pump the brakes. If police brutality is the movement’s sole objective, then what do statues and the cancel culture have to do with cops? 

Crews argues that police brutality is not all the organization is talking about. When trying to explain his side, Lemon simply talks over Crews, not allowing him to make his point regarding the stated aims of Black Lives Matter. An interrupting liberal? Shocking.

Lemon’s own statement makes zero sense. He says he knows that police brutality is not all that Black Lives Matter is about, but still police brutality police brutality is all that Black Lives Matter is about, Wait, what? Yes, the dueling definitions of the term ‘Black Lives Matter’ over the last month have been enough for anyone to pull their hair out. 

Lemon is talking about the general support for black lives and to improve the criminal justice system. Crews is talking about a Marxist organization that, among other things, wants to destroy the primacy of the nuclear family and remove the court systems. And yes, it is stated right in the goals on their very own website too. 

The good news is that a discussion between the meanings is happening more and more on CNN. Americans are seeing the disconnect between the vague meaning of ‘Black Lives Matter’ and the Marxist meaning. The movement is being called out by grieving parents for its willful blindness over the deaths of black Americans as a result of crime.

When confronted with the motto, we have to ask which version is being represented. So far, we are dissecting the definition more and more, but the liberals are still around to give a cover to the most anti-American organization we’ve had in recent history. If liberals can’t control the narrative, they’ll move onto the next piece of fake news in their “blame Trump for everything” agenda.