The Biggest Unmasking All Year

Washington Post’s latest article sparked recent controversy over whether or not books are still inspiring debate or are just “racially offensive content.” When you’re little and read Fahrenheit 451, you think that book burning would never become a real thing but hey, here we are.

Glenn Beck, Pat Gray, and Stu Burguiere talked on the radio program about the Washington Post article recently and have quite a lot to say about the cancel-culture chopping block. 

Ron Charles, the Washington Post op-ed, suggested that problematic books are the next thing to take down while the Confederate statues are tumbling down and television networks are marching through their programs taking out any and all offensive content. 

“Monuments celebrating racist traitors, which were erected to fabricate history and terrify black Americans, are not works of art that deserve our respect or preservation. Similarly, scenes of modern-day white comedians reenacting minstrel-show caricatures are not ironic interrogations of racism that we have to stomach any longer. But complex works of literature are large, they contain multitudes,” Charles argues in his piece.

He goes on to complain about the process of critical debate on the values and intentions of history’s literary legends. He whines about the systemic tokenism of TV rom-coms and the unbearable whiteness of Jane Austen. 

It must be a rough time to be a liberal right now and have to be angry about absolutely everything. But are we close to book burning? Glenn, Pat, and Stu agreed that this radical progressive movement is really just about erasing America’s history and overturning the country’s foundation as we know it. 

They share in the irony and embarrassment that the Washington Post actually published an article criticizing George Washington when…it’s in the name of their newspaper too. Waiting for that name change to be D.C Post. Until they find something wrong with that too, of course. 

You know a country is striving when the complaints get dumber and dumber. Why? Because there’s nothing to complain about so you’ve got to make something up. In the radio show, they gave the example that the day commemorating the end of slavery, though it’s a national holiday, isn’t a big enough deal. Or that the Lincoln statue must be taken down because although he was anti-slavery…he wasn’t “pro-black enough.” Wait, what?

They discussed that ripping down statues does not generally help race move towards anything or accomplish anything in particular. But hey, that’s not the goal. The goal is to erase history. Just like the gun control cries after the Parkland Shooting, the #metoo movement, and so many others, things will flare up right before they die down again. The massive churn of absolute crises that want to rip up the American foundation as it is.

To see the press rip up America during Fourth of July weekend has been shocking. They have taken their masks off and are cheering for the destruction of America. It’s been quite a shame. 

Glenn Beck is one of the few who uses uncanny ability to make sense of the chaos and thought-provoking analysis to share his views with a network of voices who love America, defend the Constitution, and live the American dream.