Want to Avoid the ICU for COVID? Just Take This One Little Pill

Individuals can make the decision about whether or not they want to receive multiple boosters and a COVID vaccination. They are better equipped to assess their own risks and benefits than any corporate mandate or government.

A new study by the National Institutes for Health published last month suggests that a small yellow pill, which costs virtually nothing, may play a protective role.

Before we go on, understand that I’m one of those crazy million-supplements-a-day people. We’ll get to that later, but for now, let’s take a look at the science behind vitamin d and COVID.

Amazon offers a $12 discount on a year of vitamin D supplements. According to a January NIH meta-analysis, taking vitamin D supplements “results is a decreased risk for death and admission to the ICU.”

You’d be right to say that vitamin D has been touted by many people, including Yours Truly and real doctors and scientists. This is the first time that I know of a study by the NIH regarding COVID and vitamin’s “beneficial effects in preventing acute and chronic respiratory infections and reducing their complications.”

“Regarding ICU admission,” continues the study. “Figure 2 shows that there is a strong association between vitamin-D interventions and a protective effect on ICU admission.”

Furthermore, Figure 3 also shows the significant protective effect of vitamin-D administration on mortality.

It’s not just COVID. “Several studies done before the SARS-CoV-2 pandemic revealed that vitamin D supplemented patients had a lower chance of developing acute respiratory infections and had shorter symptoms.

It was also found that Vitamin D is most beneficial for people who are vitamin D deficient. This almost seems obvious. Yet, a report by the NIH in 2022 concluded that 35% of Americans are vitamin D deficient.

Did you know that you can get a year of supplements for only 12 dollars? This is a simple matter of fact.

This is the science. Let me now tell you about my personal experience using D and other supplements.

I have been blessed with good health. Except for two rounds of Grave’s disease, I’ve never had major health issues. When I was in remission from Grave’s disease, they nuked my thyroid. I now take Synthroid daily. I also take a statin once a week to lower my cholesterol. These are my only prescription medications. That’s quite good for someone my age of 53.

But, like everyone else, I was still subject to the common winter cold. Sometimes it was a severe one. Even though I was a strict follower of getting my flu shots every fall, I would still get the flu every other winter. They are only 60% effective in a good year, so I think I’m just right.

However, we have had a global pandemic for three years and I have not had a cold or flu since 2020.

In April and May 2021, I was double-jabbed with Pfizer vaccine. Because the risks were low and the vaccine was supposed reduce the chance of my older in-laws getting it, I did it. Now we know that the risks are much higher than initially reported and that vaccines don’t reduce transmission. Therefore, I have not been boosted.

I have never experienced any COVID symptoms. It was 100% asymptomatic if I had it.

Twice I believed that the odds were against me and that I was going to catch a nasty virus. Twice, my immune system regrouped and the morning feeling of “man I’m going to be sick” disappeared by dinnertime.