Wait…THIS is Included In The Proposed Coronavirus Bill?

Several Democrat officials are, yet again, looking for ways to micromanage the upcoming Presidential election…except this time it’s smack dab in the middle of a working coronavirus bill. 

For years both political parties have testified before Congress on how and when we can vote. After the 2018 election, Liberals swept in and changed the rules of the American voting system to benefit their party. This power grab included unlimited political spending by corporations and shifting more power to the federal government. It tacked on additional federal grants and let Congress issue further voting clearances and direction, even over the objections of the states.

As history repeats itself, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is back in play with a massive $2.5 trillion coronavirus bill that includes mandatory voting by mail. The next President would be determined by anonymous ballots dropped in the mail and processed by the U.S Postal Service. 

Mail-in ballots have been the center for many fraud operations. Notaries were paid to pluck blank ballots out of mailboxes and fill them out for people. Allowing something so vulnerable and corrupt to be proposed in this new bill is beyond me but doesn’t come as a surprise being that it is out of Pelosi’s mouth. 

Shouldn’t this bill be focused on America’s health crisis instead of federalizing control over elections?

On top of that, it is an incredible waste of money. Ballots still get sent out to people who have not updated their addresses or are no longer alive. AKA ending up in the rubbish bin or being voted on by other family members instead of the addressed individual. 

This plan bans any type of ID requirement and begins processing the votes days prior to Election Day…even before everyone has finished voting. This is a public trick to alter the election outcome and excite the press. 

The list goes on and on…

Online voter registration is down the drain…if a person were to vote online the day of the Election there is no time for officials to verify its accuracy. As if the U.S wasn’t hit with cybercrime fraud enough.

If Democrats can control the election, that also means they control the outcome and policies we all abide by.  

If our elections aren’t decentralized we are opening ourselves up not only to government fraud but a strip of individual liberty. Plus, our officials have different voting policies based on the needs of each individual state. This just wouldn’t work…

 Democrats want everything under one large umbrella but using the coronavirus bill to control that is just wrong. This bill should be focused on the healthcare professionals and the lives of Americans everywhere at risk. It is not the time to be gaining political power through sheer force.

Some government officials have stated now is the time to “watch developments closely” in new and upcoming voting laws. I think it’s safe to say we’re a bit preoccupied at the moment…and they know that.

Proposing election strategies that favor the left into the coronavirus bill is just a slip under the radar for Liberals and it’s not too shocking. Stripping from the state and throwing it right back at the Federal Government seems to be one of their signature moves.

I don’t believe this legislation will survive the Republican Senate or past President Trump’s eyes. It would cost the states more money, increase access to cyber crimes through the polling systems, and manipulate the individuals’ vote without verification…but stranger things have happened. We’ll just have to wait and see.