Is Corona Virus Creating The Perfect Political Storm?

Modern American life has been shaken in conflicting opinions amongst the CoronaVirus Pandemic and how it is to be dealt with. From the ways in which state and local governments handle its threat to how it affects individuals, political party lines have been drawn. 

You could say with how the parties are handling this crisis that “it’s night and day.” While states and their health care workers have been working endlessly at quick and comprehensive testing, some government officials have their minds elsewhere. While democratic super PACs have been running millions of dollars in ads attacking Trump’s coronavirus response, President Trump has been working with private sectors to solve the COVID-19 Crisis and get the American economy back on its feet.

As the Trump Administration took critical action early on to have social gatherings of no more than ten people and sanitize thousands of reusable masks, Democrats and the media had originally mocked the idea.

Then on Sunday April 29th, the FDA issued an emergency use authorization that allows healthcare workers to decontaminate used masks for maximum use.

Let us not forget when Joe Biden had failed to replenish N95 masks during the swine flu pandemic, thousands of nurses and doctors across the nation dealt with its emergency shortage.

It seems that left wingers have decided to lose focus on the health of our American people and instead focused their attention on mocking each and every statement coming from the Trump Administration. Isn’t now the time to embrace anyone and everyone who will help save the American lives?

From polling in Civiqs nine out of 10 Democrats say they are not satisfied with the government response, while 85% of Republicans are satisfied. 

Now let me remind you of the dozens of scheduled flights carrying critical medical equipment to needed health care workers nationwide. More than 11.6 million N95 masks, 8,100 ventilators, and face shields, surgical masks, and gloves, have been distributed throughout the country since the spread of this pandemic. 

President Trump is using each and every tool to protect the American health care workers as his number one priority and has worked with dozens of other companies who have also stepped up to manufacture and donate medical supplies. 

The numbers don’t make themselves up and while liberals are apparently not satisfied with the government response Democratic super PACs have been running millions of dollars in ads attacking Trump’s coronavirus response.

Wouldn’t you say that money could be used in better ways during a nationwide crisis? And of course Trump’s campaign hasn’t been on the airwaves with a defense mechanism because they are a bit busy working with private sectors, state, local, and federal governments, finding actual support and solutions to this dominating virus.

With an expansion in healthcare and resources, Democrats might want to step it up a bit in embracing the idea that government can be a solution and not always a problem. With certain political figures forcefully picking apart each and every word out of President Trump’s mouth, the lives of the American people grow at risk more each and every day. 

Our exit strategy is unknown and finding a vaccine cannot wait 18 months but let this be known – at least we have somebody in the White House actually making moves.