Vivek Strikes Again: Turns the Tables on NBC Reporter, Triggering On-Camera Meltdown

The liberal media can stop trying to play their usual tricks on Vivek. He will not only refuse to be fooled but also respond spectacularly. This has been proven multiple times.

He did this earlier in the week when Washington Post reporter Meryl Cornfield asked him if he was against “white supremacy.” He went on to demolish the media games and speak out against racial prejudice. He predicted that she would write down what she wanted, regardless of what he had said. She did what he had predicted during their conversation, despite his predictions.

If they stopped playing these games they would no longer be liberal media, right? They try to mold reality into their narrative, but it doesn’t conform.

Dasha Burns, an NBC News reporter, tried to bring up the topic of white supremacy again with Ramaswamy. It’s funny that a liberal, white reporter is doing this against a man of Indian heritage. They don’t like the way that he tells people to stop racism simply by not being racist. He pointed out that some definitions of “white supremacy,” from the left, include “punctuality”, which is a racist concept.

Burns attempts to talk over him by calling those “strawman” points. At 1:17, the woman in pink next to Burns had a sour-puss expression.

She said, “So to whom should we look when we talk about this?” She said. Why not just report the facts and avoid a narrative?

He made it clear that you shouldn’t ignore white supremacy crimes, but he also pointed out the way media play political narrative games. He discussed the reasons for the delayed release of the Nashville Shooter’s manifesto.

Burns also said that Republicans are gaining more ground among black and Latino voters. He then asked if he thought Republicans could lose people who were “concerned” about their rhetoric. She was trying to talk over Burns and making up things that he hadn’t said, such as “racism isn’t a big problem.” He corrected her quickly. He rejected the left’s attempt to further divide people based on their race.

Was this interview unprofessional? This interview was not about him being interviewed or about the facts, but rather about painting him in a bad light. This blew up in her face big time.