Ramaswamy Challenges WaPo Reporter on ‘White Supremacy’ Definition

You would think the liberal media would know better than to ask Vivek Ramaswamy such a difficult question. But they haven’t yet learned.

On Wednesday, a Washington Post reporter asked the man to “condemn White supremacy” and White Nationalism. The result was devastating.

Ramaswamy began by saying “I’m not — I won’t recite a cataclysm to ya.” “I am against racial prejudice in this country. ”

“I will not bow down to your religion. “I won’t bow down to your religion.

Ramaswamy continued, “I already know you’ll print a headline tomorrow. Vivek Ramaswamy refused to condemn racism for asking a stupid question. I condemn vicious racial bias in this country. The racism we see in this country is not based on race. ”

Vivek asked: What is the best way to end discrimination based on race? We will move this country forward if you stop discriminating on that basis. I don’t care if you are white, black or brown. This will help us unite our country.

Ramaswamy continued to criticize the media, accusing them of using race to divide our nation.

Media, you need to take responsibility for the failures you’ve made. This is the only way you can rebuild trust.

Vivek was viral when he pointed out inconsistencies in the LGBTQ movement. Vivek cited the difference between the belief that sexual orientation is hard-wired at birth which was the foundation of the gay rights movement and the belief today that biological sex can be fluid. It now claims that any deviations from the traditional woman’s identity mean a woman is a man.

I look forward to the next attempt by the media to ask Ramaswamy a surprising question