Vince McMahon Faces Sex Trafficking Lawsuit from Former Employee, Allegedly Paid for Silence

Vince McMahon, the co-founder of WWE, is once again under fire for engaging in sexually offensive behavior with a former employee. Janel Grant is suing McMahon, and others, for sex trafficking and other crimes.

According to a report, the lawsuit claims that McMahon, along with another member of WWE leadership, trafficked Grant, assaulted her, and forced her into sexual acts, both for themselves and other WWE employees.

Grant’s filing states she is not only trying to obtain justice for herself but also to “act for those who fear to speak up.”

In a new lawsuit, a woman who received money from WWE boss Vince McMahon accused McMahon and the company of sex trafficking. The suit raises doubts about the scope of the internal investigation conducted by an attorney firm last year.

Janel Grant, a former employee of the wrestling firm headquarters, claimed in a suit filed on Thursday that McMahon sexually abused her and exploited her while he served as chief executive. She claimed that McMahon had lured her in with promises of career progression, then allegedly abused her and sexually exploited and sold her to men within the company.

Grant signed a confidentiality agreement in 2022, in which McMahon agreed that he would pay her $3 million to keep quiet about their relationship and not disparage him. In 2022, the WWE received a tip anonymously about the relationship. A board investigation was launched and revealed that the CEO had made other payments to women. Grant’s suit claimed that McMahon ceased making payments to women under the deal in 2022 after the first $1 million installment. The lawsuit seeks to cancel the agreement as well as unspecified damages.

A McMahon spokesman said, “This lawsuit is filled with lies, obscenely made-up incidents that never happened, and a vindictive distortion of the truth.” “He will vigorously protect himself.”

The lawsuit details some inappropriate interactions between McMahon and McMahon that began in March 2019. The lawsuit details several inappropriate interactions with McMahon starting in March 2019.

Grant claimed that on June 15, 2021, she was sexually abused by McMahon, Laurinaitis, and the former’s office at WWE headquarters. McMahon allegedly said, “No means yes” and told her to “take it b***h”, during the encounter.

Grant said that McMahon also shared sexually explicit photos and videos with men both inside and outside the company. The television production team members, executives, and others are included. She claims that he also tried to use her as a sexual slave to other men including employees.

McMahon is not the only one who has faced accusations of sexual impropriety. In 2022 it was revealed that McMahon had paid millions to women who claimed that he had sexually abused them.

McMahon has been accused of sexual misconduct with female employees and using company money to buy them silence. The accusations initially forced him out of the company, while his daughter Stephanie McMahon Levesque took over.

CNBC reported that the company announced the latest developments in McMahon’s legal case on Wednesday. According to CNBC, federal agents executed “a search warrant last month against World Wrestling Entertainment chief Vince McMahon and served him with a federal grand jury subpoena.”

The lawsuit is likely to raise questions about culture in the WWE. Many people have told similar stories about McMahon and other WWE employees. If the allegations prove to be true, they could have serious implications for McMahon’s future as the leader of the company.