Utah Doctor Charged for Destroying mRNA Vaccines, Giving Out Fake Vaccine Cards and Shots

A Utah doctor has been accused of mailing almost 2,000 fake COVID vaccine certificates and dumping actual mRNA shots in an attempt to defraud U.S. officials.

KTVX reported that Dr. Michael Kirk Moore Jr. was charged with conspiring against the U.S. Government, conspiracy to sell, convey, and dispose of government property; conversion sale conveyance and disposition of government property as well as aiding and assisting.

Court documents state that the two defendants were part of a group seeking to “liberate the medical profession” from conflicts of interest in government and industry.

Moore was charged by a federal grand jury in Salt Lake City on Jan 11.

Moore, 58, is a plastic surgeon at The Plastic Surgery Institute of Utah Inc. in Midvale. He was a receptionist and Kari Dee Burgoyne was the office manager.

According to a federal criminal complaint, Moore and his accomplices have destroyed hundreds of COVID-19 vaccines that were provided by the government.

Moore signed a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention COVID-19 Immunization Program Provider Agreement in order to receive COVID-19 vaccines and cards. Moore also ordered hundreds more vaccines from the CDC.

Moore allegedly began selling fake vaccine records instead of government vaccines. These cards were valued at an estimated $96,850

In order to trick minor children into thinking they were getting a vaccine, the defendants allegedly gave them harmless “saline shots” between May 2021 and September 2022.

Moore, according to the charges documents, “falsely stated Fraudulent Vax card Seekers had received at least 37 doses bonafide COVID-19 vaccinations when in fact they had received none.”

The actual vaccines, i.e. The defendants destroyed Janssen, Moderna, and Pfizer. The defendants allegedly stole $28,028 from the bottles they received and then used a syringe to “squirt them down the drain”.

The scheme was based on referrals, according to reports.

Those who wanted them requested the cards. They were requested by those who wanted them.

Everything seemed to be going well until an undercover agent received a referral in March 2022. Moore’s clinic then issued another undercover agent a false vaccination record card for June.

Flores was the second undercover agent who confirmed that the defendants had administered fake vaccines to children.

Curt Muller, the special agent in charge of the Department of Health and Human Services office of inspector general stated that the provider falsified vaccine cards and gave children saline shots rather than COVID-19.

Moore could be held liable for $124 878.