Joe Biden Loses His Temper With Journalist, Offers Inadequate Responses to Classified Documents

Joe Biden doesn’t like the fact that he is being asked questions about his scandal with classified documents. The president was caught with numerous troves of illegally owned classified materials, including one in his garage. He answered questions on Thursday.

He snapped at a reporter trying to press him about the matter, saying it “quite frankly bugs him” that anyone would attempt to hold him responsible for his actions. What would Biden do if he tried to be guilty?

Biden was in California to “reaffirm [his] commitment to support Californians” after heavy rains and flooding. That’s what Biden preferred to talk about. I’m skeptical that this was his real purpose for the trip. It was very convenient that he was taken to the West Coast in time to attempt to change the topic during the worst scandal of his presidency. He decides to leave after it has been raining heavily in California for over a month.

Biden was evasive when asked by another reporter if he regretted how he handled this situation. He said that he didn’t.

That’s not the best answer he could give. Perhaps he should say that he regrets that the documents ended up where they are, but that it was an error he is working hard to correct. Instead, the president continues his sexism at anyone who may be questioning his actions. These documents did not just end up in his Corvette or in his home office filing cabinets. He was the one who took the blame, and this scandal would disappear faster if he showed some semblance of accountability.

But that’s not Biden. Biden has always been an arrogant and hot-headed man who is unwilling to admit his mistakes. These stories of a strong, compassionate operator are fabricated out of thin air. Biden is the swamp. The swamp doesn’t get held responsible for anything. Is the press going to push this issue? We’ve seen some signs of journalism, but the moment a Republican wins, it is the end of the battle. Biden will once again be treated with child gloves.

It’s easy to pursue the president now since there aren’t any real stakes. The president is not going to resign, and the special counsel won’t do much but to rubber-stamp the situation following a brief investigation. In this context, I don’t find it all that impressive that the mainstream media presses a few buttons during an election year. You might think that Biden would continue to treat them as garbage, but I will believe it when it happens.