USA Today Names Transgender Woman Among ‘Women of the Year’ Honorees

USA Today has honored Leigh Finke, Minnesota’s state representative, as “Women of the year” for the state of Minnesota. However, Finke, who is transgender and identifies herself as such, is a biological male.

Finke was elected to office in January, shortly after winning November 2022 election. He is also the first transgender person elected to the Minnesota state legislature.

According to Finke, the St. Cloud Times, “The transgender and LGBTQ community must expand their understanding of what success and happiness look like.” “We also need to think creatively and envision the future for all, and trans people are at the forefront of this.” “Trans liberation flows upwards, and all liberation movements flow outside.” “It will be beneficial for everyone, and it is worth the effort.”

“Tell the truth and lead with your values, that’s what I tell myself. Tell the truth and lead with your values. And that way you won’t have to apologize, you won’t have to take things back, you won’t have to look back at all,” Finke said, according to the outlet.

USA Today’s “Women of the Year”, national honorees for this year include actress Goldie Hawn and Sheryl Lee Ralph.

Admiral Rachel Levine, a biological man who identifies himself as a woman, was among the honorees last year.

Justin Trudeau, Canada’s Prime Minister, released a statement earlier this month on International Women’s Day. He declared that trans women are women.