Father Shoots and Kills Daughter’s Ex Boyfriend Who Allegedly Attacked Her

After an altercation at the apartment of his ex-girlfriend turned violent, a Florida man has been killed.

The unnamed Florida man arrived at the residence of his ex-girlfriend at The Polos of Gainesville, just a few minutes from the University of Florida campus, on Saturday evening. Gainesville PD reported that he assaulted the woman while she was there and then fled.

The victim, a female, contacted the police, and apparently her father, after the incident. The suspect returned to the victim’s apartment about a half hour later. However, the father was still there and had brought his handgun. Then, the suspect came into the apartment and the father shot him in the chest.

The suspect tried to flee again, but he managed to get to his car and was eventually found by police. The suspect was declared dead on the spot.

The suspect has not been identified and no arrests have been made. The investigation into the shooting continues as well as the domestic battery allegations. It is not clear if the ex-girlfriend was present in the apartment at the time that the shooting occurred or if the shooter legally owns a handgun that was used in the incident.

Others in the complex were shocked that violence broke out in their own communities.

Cona, a resident of the area, stated that “Everyone I talk to here is so kind and genuine, it was a rare thing that happened out of the blue.”

Cona said that while he was concerned about the shooting, he would need to have “a lot more information” on what occurred before he considers moving. He said that it seemed like a random event because such things don’t happen often.

Another resident, Dalton Graham, stated that he believes the area remains safe. “I thought that you had the wrong Polos or something,” Graham said. “I have nothing but good things to say about the university and the city in general, and especially The Polos apartments. Never really had anything like this, so it was pretty shocking.

Graham said, “I literally walk around in my slides and pajamas.” “That’s how I feel safe around here.” “I don’t feel the need to worry about such things.”