Twitter Explodes as Justin Amash Considers Senate Run

Justin Amash, a former Michigan congresscritter (and Republican) announced on Twitter/X that he may run for the Senate. My libertarian followers are almost wetting themselves.

Amash announced on Twitter that he was launching a Justin Amash Senate Exploratory Committee, as he considered entering the race. Amash, if he runs for office, will rejoin the Republican Party, which he left back in 2019. He’ll also compete in the Republican primaries.

I’ve been humbled by the number of people encouraging me to run for Senate, in Michigan. They also urged that I do this by joining the Republican Primary.

Amash stated that the Senate needed “someone who has a track record of tackling the bipartisan oligarchy and defending free speech and sound money, while also fighting the surveillance state, military-industrial complex and protecting our rights.”

Michelle Ray, my long-time friend and libertarian extraordinaire, jumped on board immediately even though she is in Texas.

“Party doesn’t matter. Principles do,” replied Libertarian Mama. “They would be fortunate to have you as a member.”

Erik Brakey, a Maine state senator who also runs Free State New Hampshire, said: “Justin, go for it!” “You have my full support.”

Sam J, the managing editor of Twitchy (and my Townhall We) seemed to be pleased with the news.

Me? I don’t think I’m libertarian like some of my more ardent friends.

Amash was the 3rd District representative in Michigan from 2011 to 2020. He defeated every Democrat opponent five times. But he’s not exactly been Michigan’s GOP poster child these last few years.

He lost a great deal of support in 2019 from his fellow Republicans for voting for impeachment proceedings against President Donald Trump. He lost any support that he may have had from non-NeverTrump Republicans. The support he might have had among Republicans who are not NeverTrumps (none?) vanished as soon as he tweeted that a single GOP Senate vote was cast in favor of convicting Trump.

Thank you, Senator Romney, for keeping your promise to defend and support the Constitution. You will never regret having faith in God and following the law and your conscience.

In the 1980s, I remember some of my friends saying, “Gag Me with a Spoon.” I promise I wasn’t one of them. (My ’80s slang is far more vulgar.

Amash’s policy positions are not distorted by the Trump Derangement Syndrome, but there is still much to admire. Other libertarian-leaning Senators such as Rand Paul (R. Ky.) and Ted Cruz(R. Texas) could also use a voice to their side.

Bush, the ever-eloquent George H.W. Bush may have said it. Michigan voted for Trump in 2016 and would have done so again in 2020 if not for the (I’m putting this gently) Democrat electoral shenanigans.

Can a Republican-turned-Libertarian-turned-Republican who voted to impeach Trump and who publically thanked the only RINO to vote to convict Trump possibly win in Michigan’s Republican primary?

Amash’s exploratory group is about that, I’d guess. We’ll find out the results as soon as Amash.