DOJ Admits Deception on Hunter Biden’s Laptop: Calls for Reexamination of 2020 Election

The “Justice” Department has only just admitted that the laptop was real, four years after it was given to the FBI and DOJ. It contained evidence of crimes of great gravity and the Biden family’s international self-dealing. Since December of 2019, the DOJ had this evidence since it was given to the FBI. That’s just over four years ago. The DOJ revealed the information in a Tuesday filing.

Let’s calculate the cost.

The FBI knew the contents of the laptop and its validity because agents at least had corroborated information.

The FBI, knowing that the contents of the laptop were genuine, went to the Aspen Institute to launch an information campaign against the American public in June 2020. They used social media and legacy members to convince the American public before an election that this laptop story was Russian misinformation. It is called a “pre-bunk” to convince the public and media that the Biden laptop story was Russian disinformation.

The FBI persuaded social media to censor stories about the laptop before the 2020 elections. According to a poll, after Donald Trump’s defeat, 17% of Americans claimed they would have changed their vote if they knew that the laptop story was true.

The New York Post – the oldest newspaper in the United States – broke the laptop story, a disinformation campaign that was used by Russia to censor American media.

The FBI’s Information Operation against the American People censored the news that was sent to the American public to alter or at least tamper with the results of a US election.

This information operation portrayed Americans as conspiracy theorists, and even worse. The FBI and its allies used the information operation to discredit President Trump and his supporters, including Rudy Giuliani. He has never recovered.

Tony Blinken (a Joe Biden ally who is now the disastrous Secretary Of State) and Mike Morrell, former Acting CIA chief, used the false information provided by the FBI in an open letter to allege that the Hunter Biden Laptop had all of the hallmarks of a Russian misinformation campaign. 51 members of the intelligence community signed this letter. They lied to give Joe Biden something to talk about during a debate between Donald Trump and Joe Biden.

The FBI’s operation to spread false information against Americans was overseen by the same FBI personnel that oversaw the Gretchen Whitmer “insurrection”, the Gretchen Whitmer kidnapping, and January 6, 2006, “insurrection”, and, by extension, thousands of Americans who were imprisoned and prosecuted.

Marco Polo’s report about the Hunter Biden laptop concludes that FBI agents who were tasked with running an information operation against Americans were “the tip” of the Bureau’s information campaign against Americans. Whistleblowers told U.S. Senators that FBI HQ Supervisory Intelligence Brian Auten, and Assistant Special Agent-in-Charge (ASAC) from the Washington Field Office in D.C. were the “tip of the FBI spear” in D.C. in charge of the Biden Laptop Slow-Walk operation. Auten “assessed”, that the laptop contained Russian disinformation, and the Justice Department accepted this man’s word.

ASAC Timothy Thibault quit the FBI in 2022 after Sen. Charles Grassley, R-Iowa, wrote a letter to Merrick Garland exposing Thibault’s naked partisanship as well as other revelations made by FBI whistleblowers.

Grassley has written:

Brian Auten, FBI Supervisory Analyst in Intelligence, opened a report that was then used by a team at FBI Headquarters to falsely label verified and verifiable information about Hunter Biden as disinformation. FBI HQ investigators put their findings on whether the reporting was disinformation into a restricted-access sub-file that could only be accessed by the agents who were responsible for uncovering specific information. Additional derogatory Hunter Biden reports were ordered closed by ASAC Thibault.

In a tweet Tuesday night, the New York Post reporter whose truthful reporting was censored deliberately by the FBI received vindication for her actions. The tweet detailed a case filed by the DOJ Special Counsel who is investigating Hunter Biden.

Sorry is not enough. Even 51 apology letters are not enough. These political actors must be removed from the FBI and DOJ and sent to jail for this information campaign perpetrated against the American people.

Prison cells are waiting for January 6.