Tucker’s Proposed Speech That Shocked Fox and Led to His Departure

In April, Fox News fired the top-rated host Tucker Carlson without ceremony. The fact that CNN’s Don Lemon, who had annoyed everyone – staff, executives, cohosts, and women over 40 – was also fired that same Monday morning made it so much crazier.

Lemon’s dismissal was expected, but Tucker was a complete surprise. Since then, speculation has raged about what led to the sudden termination. Was it part of a Dominion settlement, for example? Was it due to a harassment lawsuit (now dropped) filed by the former booker of the show? Rupert Murdoch, the Fox Corp. chairman, was upset with Carlson for not being critical enough of the protesters on January 6. The New York Times, meanwhile, speculated that it could have been because of an internal email in which Tucker watched a clip showing Trump supporters surrounding an Antifa thug while commenting “That’s not how men fight.”

Many have thought, however, that the content of his monologue on that night was the final nail and that he wanted to speak about Ray Epps. In a video, Chadwick Moore (author of “Tucker: The Biography”) made this argument. The story goes that the network brass wanted Carlson to change his opening but Tucker insisted on delivering it himself.

Emerald Robinson, a journalist and independent who worked as a White House correspondent at Newsmax, One American News, and Newsmax, claims to have the scoop. Robinson claimed in an exclusive Thursday post on Substack that the (abridged version) of what Tucker would say is below. He begins by slamming Rep. Alexandria-Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and former Press Secretary Jen Psaki who both have repeatedly demanded that Carlson be canceled:

It is prohibited by the Constitution of the United States. The Constitution of the United States guarantees that American citizens are entitled to criticize and critique their political leaders. Our politicians aren’t gods. They are instruments of public will. They are there to serve us and not the other way around. It is for this reason that politicians will never be able to censor or control our thoughts. This unchanging truth is the foundation of our founding documents as well as our political system and personal freedoms. Jen Psaki, a former official of the government who now claims to be a reporter, should understand this and defend America’s founding principles. She refuses. Psaki instead nods like a fan when Sandy Cortez asks law enforcement to shut off news programming. White House Correspondents Association and other self-described supporters of press freedom also remain silent. They either agree with Ocasio Cortes or are too scared to speak out.

The higher-ups may have objected, but I’m not sure what they were referring to. This is juicy material, but not enough to make him lose his job.

What might have really gotten Murdoch’s goat was when Tucker mentioned Ray Epps. A man who had been filmed during the riots of Jan. 6, apparently energizing the crowd, but who has inexplicably avoided the wrath of a corrupt Department of Justice like so many J6 participants.

Tucker pondered what AOC might say about Ray Epps. He noted that Epps had been caught on video encouraging protestors to breach the Capitol. Tucker pointed out also that the leftists keep calling it an “insurrection”.

They tell us that January 6th was an insurrection. Based on this claim, the War on Terror has been turned against the citizens of America. This is not true.

We have said this many times, but the 6th of January was not an uprising. No one has been charged with that crime. No guns were brought to the Capitol. There have never been any plans found to overthrow the government. It was not a rebellion.

He added that similar violence was seen in cities such as Kenosha and Chicago. Yet, these events were not called “insurrections.”

Epps did the same thing the next day as violence broke out.

Was it legal? We don’t know. We know that anyone who is fair would consider what Ray Epps told the crowd in January as an act of violence. Epps encouraged the crowd to breach through an armed police cordon and enter a federal building. Epps’ instructions to the crowd could only result in physical conflict. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortes believes that Ray Epps is guilty of inciting violence. Epps, however, has not been punished. Ray Epps, unlike more than 1,000 Americans who weren’t caught on camera encouraging crime, has never been arrested.

It would be more entertaining to watch Tucker speak these words rather than pore over the text on a computer. This monologue, as we know, was not recorded. I wish I could include a video. Tucker is back, though. His brand-new Twitter show has been receiving a lot of views.

It is a sad fact that free speech in public places is becoming less and less common. Ray Epps should not be asked why he was not charged, and instead left to rot inside a D.C. jail like many other people who were present that day. You will be punished if you don’t call the Jan. 6 events a violent insurrection, even if they do not meet the definition.