Chris Sununu Slams Jen Psaki, Explains Why Trump Indictments Don’t Matter Now

Donald Trump’s announcement that he would be indicted for the classified documents investigation has, of course, sparked a firestorm among the right. Many have questioned the timing and pointed out the two-tiered, highly politicized justice system on which the Biden Administration is operating, especially in light of the allegations of Biden’s bribery.

As new information is released, including the supposedly damning audio tape that was at the heart of the indictment, where Trump allegedly admitted wrongdoings, there are questions about what it will mean for Trump’s presidential campaign in 2024, and specifically how this may impact the opinions of voters on the former President.

In my opinion, the question was answered a few weeks before the news of an upcoming indictment, during a heated discussion between New Hampshire Governor. Chris Sununu (R) and former Biden press secretary-turned-MSNBC host Jen Psaki.

Sununu told Psaki, who was perhaps more comfortable with his comments now that he had decided to not run for president, that any past or current indictments against Trump would likely be ignored by most voters, as Trump’s critics, both on the left and the media, have discredited themselves through the Russia collusion nonsense, and they can’t go back.

They don’t. No. You’re creating The Boy Who Cried Wolf Syndrome with these indictments.

Was happened in New York is wrong. It was wrong. Everyone knows that they are slamming Trump because of political motives. What happened to the Russian “collusion”, which never occurred, effectively exonerated him so he could play the victim card. You have all created the situation in which, God, on what planet do we live where Donald Trump is now the victim? It’s exactly what it is.

PSAKI : First of all, I think…I think…well, we already know.

Now nobody believes.

PSAKI: We know that you have to stop there. Because we are very clear about the fact that Putin and his Kremlin intervened in our 2016 election to help Donald Trump. We know this is true, but do you think they should not use it as a tool to communicate with the public because you don’t see any benefit? –

SUNUNU : I won’t relitigate the Russian collusion nonsense, which lasted for two years.

PSAKI: There’s no need to litigate this case again, as it has already been litigated before by attorneys and investigators.

SUNUNU : Everyone said it was true, but it’s just nonsense.

PSAKI: It’s possible that this is not true. But continue.

SUNUNU : No one believes that Trump’s critics are not political. You have created, everyone has created, in a way, this scenario. He’s using it to its fullest. He’s playing the violin better than anyone could have imagined, which is why he has a miraculously increasing poll number.


Sununu’s expression when Psaki claimed that Trump and Russia were colluding was my favorite moment.

Sununu has it right. The indictments of Trump in court will not affect the majority of Americans (aside from the leftists who hate him). After the first indictment, his poll numbers soared because people are fed up with the weaponization at the highest level of government.

This is a good thing for Trump but it will cause problems for the American justice system in the future because they need to be confident that the justice system is not being abused or used for political purposes to punish their opponents.

In the future, there will be accusations leveled against someone in politics – maybe even Trump – that have real teeth and deserve to be prosecuted fully. Because so few people believe in the system, its defenders will be beaten in the court of public opinion. They’ll only have themselves to blame when they fail to gain the trust of the general public.