Tucker Carlson Alleges Government Involvement in Planting Capitol Pipe Bombs on January 6

The federal government knows if you were near the U.S. Capitol in 2021. The Biden administration announced recently that it would not only limit its aggressive prosecutions and denials of due process to those who entered the Capitol Building peacefully but also those who stayed out.

The people who support Trump are known, and they will be treated as criminals. So far, more than 1200 people have been detained for a variety of dubious charges, with many being tracked down across the nation.

One big question remains, however, despite all the technology available to them, and their ability to identify anyone who may have been anywhere near the Capitol on that day: Who planted the pipe bombs in the RNC and DNC Headquarters the day before?

They have surveillance video of a suspect. Three years later, however, the FBI managed to find every grandmother and nonviolent witness who were in town on that day but not this suspected. The FBI’s handling of this aspect of the J6 investigation is suspicious, to say the least. They have also failed to provide Congress with more information.

What’s the story? Tucker Carlson said that it was likely that government officials planted pipe bombs in Washington, D.C., three years ago, in an attempt to prevent Donald Trump from seeking the presidency again.

Carlson discussed this in his most recent episode of “Tucker Carlson Uncensored” with Darren Beattie from Revolver News.

They watched a video of a man approaching police outside the DNC on January 6, at around 1:05 pm. Beattie said that the man alerted the police to a nearby pipe bomb, indicating that Kamala was due to arrive. The video clearly shows that law enforcement was completely unconcerned despite people walking nearby, including children.

Beattie explained to Tucker that the person in the backpack was alerting Metro PD and Secret Service that a pipe bomb had been planted just feet away by a park bench outside the DNC. “Now, those who are watching this video – and everyone must watch this video to follow along – the first thing you will notice is how utterly unconcerned the Metro PD, and Secret Service, were about being told that a pipe bomb was literally within their feet and their protectee’s feet, which was VP Elect Kamala Harris.

You’ll see it if you look at the timestamp from approximately 107-109. “Utterly careless, utterly unconcerned,” continued he. It takes them minutes just to get out of their cars, and then they just kind of loiter around, uninterested. Unconcerned.”

Beattie said that the moment “was enough to become a national scandal, and explode in this investigation with severity.”

He’s right. Why was the area not cleared immediately? It should have been found much earlier during a security sweep in the area due to Harris’s planned arrival. Beattie said that the bomb must have been in place for about 17 hours. Beattie wondered also why Harris hadn’t exploited the story.

Beattie noted that “you would think that the DNC, of all institutions, would be interested to cover the identity of this person — allegedly, a MAGA terrorist, who planted an explosive outside their national headquarters — but they seem the least interested. To the point that Kamala Harris the vice president has, for some reason, forgone the chance to milk politically the fact she was at DNC when the pipe bomb was present.”

The person who notified the Metro PD, Secret Service, and Capitol Police was initially unidentified.

The surveillance footage does nothing to support the notion that there had been a commotion, or that an aggressive search was being conducted that would have led to the discovery and subsequent detonation of the DNC’s bomb. Beattie said that there was no evidence of any commotion or aggressive search. “And if we don’t have this story, that okay, the RNC bomb was discovered, for some reason, they assume that there must be one in the DNC. Which would be a bizarre jump of logic, but we see that there were no concerns, no commotions, no urgency at all at the DNC.” This leaves us with another amazing coincidence: the DNC bomb was discovered within 15 minutes of the RNC’s bomb being found after 17 hours.