Protesters Crash Biden’s Speech, Secret Service Intervention Becomes Inevitable

Joe Biden has had a bad start to his week. He took the stage in Virginia on Tuesday after being threatened by NEA, America’s largest teacher’s union, because he wasn’t pro-terrorist. What followed was a complete disaster.

Pro-Hamas demonstrators interrupted the president’s speech several times, turning it into a circus. And that was even when he didn’t deny election results.

It’s not over yet, but we can pause and think about how perfectly timed it is for them to chant “genocide Joe”, as Biden gives a speech advocating the genocide against unborn babies. It’s ironic that these protesters, who are pro-abortion in every way, would be chanting “genocide Joe” at the same time as Biden is giving a speech advocating for the genocide of unborn babies. Leftists are happy to support terrorists, but they’ll tell you that it’s okay to kill unborn babies.

From there, chaos continued. Biden was interrupted at least 13 different times. He was so out of it that he began mumbling about not jumping. Secret Service agents had to surround him to ensure his safety as he exited the stage. This is not something I’ve ever seen in one of his previous speeches (except for when he fell at the USAF graduation).

I find few things more satisfying in politics than watching Democrats eat their own. Hamas has just rejected a ceasefire agreement for a 2-month pause. These lunatics still pretend that if they say “ceasefire” loudly enough, the world will be made right. The fighting will continue till Hamas gives up. There is no partner for peace. But that’s just too much for the crazy to comprehend.

Biden was also denying the results of the Virginia 2021 elections when he wasn’t being humiliatingly shouted at.

Terry McAuliffe was defeated by Glenn Youngkin, the now-Gov. Glenn Youngkin. It’s not close enough for me to doubt the results. We’ll soon hear a chorus of mouth-breathing accusations from the media that Biden has endangered democracy by questioning a legitimate election. Somehow, I don’t think it will play out that way.

Biden’s presidential campaign and presidency are in ruins, and he is not doing much better. He is losing the core of his coalition. But if he tries to appease these people, he will alienate independents and moderates. Rock, meet hard place. You’re always there to watch it.