Trump’s Immigration Screening Plan: A Mile Wide and an Inch Deep?

In a recent address in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, former president Donald Trump reiterated his accusation of Joe Biden, calling him “the worst, most corrupt president of the United States in America history without question,” while attempting to argue that only a Trump administration could keep the country secure. In this claim, he emphasizes his promise to reinstate the ban on travel to the United States from failed states.

He said: “I will restore and expand Trump’s travel ban for entry into terror-affected countries.” What followed today is being circulated on “X,” formerly known by the name Prince Twitter, the social media platform.

I will implement a strong ideological screening of all immigrants.

Some people claim that Trump demands a religious test to determine immigration. This is “The Intellectualist,” which should be called the The Lack-of-Self-Awareness-ist.

I will conduct a thorough ideological screening of all immigrants. I will implement a strong ideological screening of all immigrants.

Another classic is from the “Washington Press,” claiming that it is an appeal to Christian Nationalists, who are the latest bogeymen of the left (full disclosure, I lean heavily in that direction along with having something of a flirtation with Catholic Integralism, so I’m working on the assumption that I’m on multiple FBI watch lists.).

This was a shocking comment because “our religion” does not exist in this country.

He’s referring to conservative fundamentalists, including conservative Catholics within his base. This is a separate religion in which all the “teachings of Trump” are accepted and congregants believe they align themselves with Jesus and God.

Trump clearly isn’t saying that. He’s saying if you hate Christianity, you cannot immigrate. I would think we could all agree that we don’t want religious hatred in this country. Here, I assume that the reference to ‘our’ religion is directed at a largely protestant Christian audience and would apply to those who hate Jews or other religions.

Trump’s remarks are extremely problematic.

I think that an ideological screening of applicants should be part of every immigration interview. We used to ask “Have you ever or are you currently a member of the Nazi Party?” and other questions regarding membership in communist parties. These questions have, as far as I can tell disappeared. I don’t think we should forget that an ideological assessment of candidates via a Trump questionnaire would be very different from that of a Michelle Obama administration. I don’t care whether people support Israel or not. What we should care about is that they are willing to work for their political goals peacefully and avoid violence.

This is a complete mess.

The current threat to America is not immigrants. The real threat to America today is from native-born Americans who have abandoned America for fascism and violence, which recognizes physical intimidation as legitimate. This person is not an illegal immigrant.

These people are not migrants.

They are not imported. We have a problem in this country with hateful ideologies. The hateful ideologies are taught in schools from K to Ph.D. There is no respect for the fact America is a country based on shared values and not a conglomeration of hostile ethno-states that are trying to out-grievance one another. There is no shared history. Native (newsflash, if you are Native American, you were born in this country) and immigrants are treated the same as “fishes” when they enter the prison system. The kids are assigned a tribe based on race and ethnicity. They’re taught the mythology of the tribe and told to be loyal. The only exception is the kids, who are blamed because their parents created this nation. They are then reminded they are responsible for everything.

You know that I love throwing red meat, just like everyone else. And, to be honest, this was all Trump said. The danger to our security does not come from immigrants who fill out forms. It comes from the millions of illegal aliens that have crossed into the United States from Mexico in the past. Trump’s proposals will not make us safer. Our Republican system is not threatened by immigrants, but rather by the insurgency camps funded by the government that have taken over our universities and schools. If we don’t return to the original purpose of public education, which was the teaching of “Americanism”, and eliminate the Marxist “class consciousness” and the obscenity that is Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity, then racial, religious, and sexist divisions and hatred will become the new America.