NYC Mayor Eric Adams Flops in DC: Begging for Border Help, Met with Disappointment

New York City Mayor Eric Adams has yet another reason to be frustrated with the Biden Administration’s handling of the border crisis, and with the Democrats’ inability to find a solution. As a result of the constant influx of illegal immigrants and asylum-seekers, the situation has caused major problems for New York City.

The mayor went to Washington, D.C., to ask for help from the White House and Congress to deal with the immigration issue that New York City is facing. Adams estimated that the problem would cost New York City $12 billion in the next three years and hoped to secure federal reimbursements along with other help for asylum seekers. Biden’s administration was not very receptive to New York City’s idea.

Mayor Eric Adams painted an ominous picture of his visit to Washington, D.C., on Friday, when he asked for more financial aid for the ongoing migration crisis in New York City.

Adams met with Congressional leadership and members of Biden’s administration on Thursday.

The mayor said Washington should cover the costs of housing hundreds and thousands of migrants. He said that he had left the meetings with the “cold reality” that no help was on its way.

Adams stated that “we did not leave D.C. feeling optimistic about anything drastically changing.” This crisis will be carried for the moment by the cities.

He continued to say, “Help is not coming anytime soon.”

Adams also sought an allowance to allow more people to work legally, and to implement a “decompression” strategy to divert asylum seekers and illegals away from New York. He met with several legislators as well as a White House representative.

Adams met with Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer and House Minority Leader Hakeem Jeffreys, FEMA administrators, and Tom Perez senior advisor to President Joe Biden. Adams also claimed to have attended the National Menorah lighting ceremony and mingled with Chicago Mayor Brandon Johnson at a White House Holiday Party.

City Hall representatives said that this was his tenth trip to the capital since he took office to discuss migrant funding and to lobby for it.

Adams, who has been struggling in the polls is caught between a rock and a hard place, as his city continues to take on more and more people each week. New York City residents are angry about the problem. A group of New Yorkers protested against the arrival of another bus full of illegal immigrants.

The Big Apple’s situation is a microcosm for a much larger issue, which demands more attention from the federal government than it seems to be willing to provide. The border crisis is also affecting cities like Chicago, Los Angeles and others. The crisis is also affecting border towns in Texas, Arizona, and other states.

Adams’ experience at Washington is unfortunately indicative of the general approach of the federal administration under Biden, which has repeatedly shown that it is unwilling or unable to offer real solutions.